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How do we test our boards?

I was wondering if you could help me sintethize how to test the most critical parts of our boards in a concise but complete way. I am thinking mainly in:

  1. ESC: How do we test our esc capabilities? Is it able to handle x voltage and y current? How to set safe parameters? I have heard about using the openloop funtion on the VESC terminal, but no idea on how to use it, would be nice to have a tutorial.

  2. Battery: Besides physical inspection. How do we test discharge capabilities? Temperature? I think the openloop test is also usefull here.

  3. Motors: how do we measure kv? Is there anytthing else relevant to test?

  4. BMS: any relevant test to perform?

  5. Others: any usefull tips on testing remotes or other parts?

Would be nice if together we could create a usefull guide for the community.



was looking into this the other day
@athrx said the vesc terminal kv function is rubbish and the best way is to see max speed in the telemetry app and reverse engineer it into a esk8 calculator and find the kv


Yes top speed unloaded + Voltage during operation should give ya an approx


This is the commonly referenced video on OpenLoop.

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This tests things on the motor side mostly. Notice how little battery drain he actually achieves