How do I get over 50km/h without changing hardware, or can I change boardnamics geardrive pulley on motorside without dremeling

Now running
skp solo
skp 6485 205kv
12s4p moli
Boardnamicacs straight cut gear drive 5:20 7” wheels

These are the settings:

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your ratio and wheel size is your issue. I had very similar power and motor specs to you with my and I’ve hit 60kph with no issues, 65 if it’s flat and well paved.

how big are your wheels? and have you considered switching to a BNM1 instead of the BN-AT?

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M1 wont fit AT wheels

You can get some more top speed by going to 8” tires.

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Yeah, you’ll need either bigger tires or lower gear ratio. I’m not sure what you mean by needing to dremel, you should be able to just torch and swap your motor pinion.


Using the esk8 calculator from this forum, you’d go from 50kph~ loaded top speed to 57kmh~ by swapping to 8” tires.


tbf though he would go up to over 70kph by swapping to BNM1 and hoyt 5" or R125