How can I ship a battery from Canada to USA?


Has anyone shipped 18650 batteries from Canada to USA (or vice versa might be similar)? This would be a NESE pack with 30qs inside.

I was told Fedex would do it, but when I tried it via ground shipping they made it extremely difficult to send (e.g.: Need to hire a dagerous good consultant and etc).


Did you buy the sticker that says dangerous and do not handle if damaged?

(Please correct me, usps is much easier haha)

Fedex said that I can’t do it myself, needs to be done by a certified dangerous good specialist. They also that this is dictated by the United Nations and all shipping companies have the same restrictions.

Yeah I’m interested in this question being answered as well. I’m in a similar situation. I heard there were new regulations implemented in 2019.

I’ve sent lipo batteries recently from US to Canada.
Did the shipping label online, when prompted I checked that it contains dangerous stuff and wrote lithium batteries.

That was it, it showed on the shipping label and did nothing more.


Which company did you use?



Thanks. Unfortunately USPS doesn’t ship from Canada.

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Canadapost shipments get handed off to USPS in the states and vice versa. Have you tried Canadapost?

I will talk to Canada Post and report back, but when reading their online documentation it seemed that they would only allow batteries to be shipped inside Canada. There is a lot of misinformation or outdated info on the subject of shipping batteries, seems hard to navigate it.