How can I make the sound of my electric skateboard a little bit smaller? esk8

Is it possible to make the sound of my electric skateboard a little bit smaller? :shushing_face:

If possible, how can I do it? :innocent:

firstly, what are the specs? Secondly, are you running a vesc? what motor settings? is it foc or bldc?

you can increase your switching frequency, however if you dont have a great esc, it won’t be able to hack it

bldc. I always think the sound level is related to the motor, but I have changed the motor twice. Still can’t solve

Go slower


Answer the questions g fam

190KV 4000W is about my motor. i use esc,I don’t know if it is a great esc,the price is about 200 dollars

Speed shouldn’t have a big impact. When it was new, it never made such a loud noise. :innocent: :innocent:

you have a vesc? just try FOC Mode instead of BLDC. :slight_smile:


OK! I’ll try it right away :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks so a lot

correct. foc will quieten it. if it’s not quiet enough, up the switching frequency :slight_smile:

Getting the belts perfectly aligned with just enough tension will also quiet down your drivetrain. I would start by switching your VESC to FOC, as that will take care of alot of the motor noise. Then you may start hearing other rattles or noises that you can address. Good luck. I also appreciate a quiet zoom.

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get it! :grinning: thank so much! I have solved it, just now.