How and what do you charge with your lab power supply?

Hello everyone,

Do you use CC/CV lab power supplies for charging Li-Ions ? Do you mind explaining what do you charge (18650s, packs, lipos) and how you do it ? How do you terminate charging ?

We can add somethings extra into that method, thats why I am asking.

Thank you in advance

Both of my boards have the basic barrel connections and I use a standard brick charger, not a lab charger like that.

I have A bms for charging in each (discharge is bypassed in my evo but not in my kaly)

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@Itsmedant not sure you read the question :rofl:
He wants people who use a lab power supply to charge their boards

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He asked if we use a lab power supply, and I said no. Question = answered

Which if we sit back and watch, the majority of people here will probably have a similar answer.


@Flasher Any contribution is very welcomed anyways :+1: @Itsmedant thank you my friend, on some occasion have you ever had a pack or cells that you wanna charge with a cc cv power supp ?

Edit: Do you have a CC CV Power supply ? if you have, on some occasion sure you wanna use it I think

Most of the decent brick chargers out there are actually CC CV chargers anyways. Just not a lab set up, they are only set to a certain voltage instead of being able to change and tweak the out put

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Yes you are right, brick chargers are being used widely, but has limitations like the number of series cell they charge. Sure there are advanced models.

CC CV lab supplies are not liion chargers on their nature but they have a wide range of voltage and current output options that makes them usable as chargers (by manual adjustments or by small possible upgrades)

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Yep! You shouldn’t be charging these packs without a CC/CV charger anyways. That = fire

So what are your plans? Theres a guy on here creating a charger that can be adjusted on the fly to support all sorts of S values and amperage, even charge your phone or remote off of it as well.

What type of info are you looking for?

I think a lab charger would be in the hands of a professional (cough) battery builder more than a regular DIY guy…or someone with more disposable income than me!

Chargers are slowly getting cheaper and cheaper. I remember when I started, the cheapest one I could find was almost $100, I ended up getting a cheap 2A one for $30 from @BuildKitBoards! My kaly came with a big ole 8A one that is super solid.

Maybe one day Id upgrade to a lab style charger, but in my current state, I’m sticking with what I already have.


Iam thinking to work on an upgrade that makes a regular CC CV power supply a liion charger which I need right now. I have various cells and packs waiting to get charged. (EVA 1 s battery pack is also complete and I have a shitty charger which I dont trust, but I ll give it a try)

Can you share links to the guys and @BuildKitBoards chargers please ?

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Looks like he only has the 10s and 13s in stock now

He is actually changing his business model from parts to full kits so he may not be getting any new chargers in.

Its not the best charger out there, but it works and its safe. There are tons of chargers that people have tested here, so if you are just looking for a basic charger to get a Lion pack charged up, I’m sure people can throw in theirs too.

What charger do you have?

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I ll tell that and put the photo here in few hours :+1:

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What type of battery did you decide to build? I saw you posting pics of spot welding practice!

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Its now a 10s4p battery, I am using test batteries (around 2700mah each) in a weird construction style :slight_smile:

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Yea…I wanna see pictures of this!

Well @BuildKitBoards has the 10s charger in stock! Better grab it!! He is super fast with shipping but he is in the US. There are a ton of chargers similar to this on aliexpress that alot of people like.

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@Itsmedant here is my lab power supply;

Here is the shitty charger;

and here is the weirdly constructed 10s 4p;

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Search for Meanwell RSP-3000 Series if you are looking for a beefy CV CC (up to 53V) power supply in use with a Junsi iCharger 4010 Duo.

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Dare I say cc/cv is over-rated. As long as u aren’t charging the cell beyond its max acceptable voltage ur good. All the cells we use are so high power we’re way within the charging limits

I use my bulk power supply to charge my battery with a balance discharger on the side. The cheapest fastest possible way to charge


Thanks, how or when do you terminate the charge ?

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I mostly just charge to 4.1 per cell for safety and more cycles. Then take it off the charge and mostly drops like another .05 volts at least anyway

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Thanks me later :slight_smile:

0-90V 0-30A