Hoverboard FOC motor settings VESC

Any builders on this forum that are successfully using Hoverboard motors with their VESC and can share the config XML file?

I am trying to set them up but they are not running as smooth as I expect them to.

  • Hall sensors are detected.
  • Resistance and inductance succeeds
  • Flux linkage makes the wheel rotate slowly and also succeeds.

After that I can spin the motor up to the sensorless ERPM value. When I get above that value the motor starts to clog and stotter.

I could just raise the sensorless ERPM value to 30000 so it uses the sensors over the entire throttle range, but I am getting the impression that I am not getting the best efficiency and performance with the values I have.

Those resistance and inductance values are really wrong.

Try detection with VESC tool 0.95.

I say that version, because that’s the last version I had working with them before I lost my hoverboard motors. No clue where they went.

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Jumping to conclusions, you do not know they are wrong. The inductance does seem high.

Not all hoverboard motors are identical, the easiest path is just to get the detection working. Have you tried running R/L from the FOC tab?

Are you running the detection from a battery or power supply? What ESC are you using? We need more information.


Yes off course.

  • I am running 2 FOCboxes connected with Canbus (although I have tried them as single units also).
  • Power is coming from a 12S3P battery I have made from old Hoverboard packs.
  • The wheelhub has 2 motors that are psychically connected to each other in 1 hub. Not sure if the drag from the 2nd motor is influencing the results.
  • Firmware version is 5 Beta.

I grabbed the picture in the first post from the wizard. But I have tried the detection in the FOC tab also. Attached is an XML file from my motor settings. I have also made a YouTube video of the motor detection process.

motor1.xml (7.8 KB)

drawing of the motor specifications:

After disassembling the wheel and running different motors on different version of firmware my problem seems to be solved by pushing the read default motor configuration button.

Sounds stupid. While updating firmware it says it erases all your settings. Also I have tried different (working) motor configuration files from other users. Nothing worked until I pushed that button.

This makes me wonder if the VESC motor driver uses settings that are not store in the motor configuration file?

Anyways glad that I have it running now. Next step is assembling motors inside the hub again so I can test the balance app code.

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Can you email me at redrighthandarts@gmail.com
Im upgrading my drive train to hoverboard motors on a 3 foot tall rc fish… its hard to explain but i have a few questions about specifics

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You are absolutely in the right place. Please tell us more in your new build thread.

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how do i make a new thread?

homepage, upper right corner

i guess i dont have that option…

I need test this method you wrote.

I lost patience for this pair
==> VESC+MOTOR_hoverboard

Work very bad

VESC tested with two model of motors from hoverboard. Sensored and sensorless this same bad noice in FOC mode.

BLDC spin motor fast, but is to loud, I need FOC because is silent.

Motor is for sure OK, tested with oryginal board and with hacked oryginal controller.

Hall sensor detected ok, VESC tested withnother inrunners 4 pole working silent and smooth.

Voltage read from motor ok
Google Photos

Resistance detected by VESC is ok, measured with big current and Ohm law.

Some different advice form Discord doesn’t solve problem ;-(

Have no idea how to configure properly.

Any help welcome :wink:

Try setting sensored ERPM to 50
Sensorless erpm to 500.

Thanks for hint - need test when again assemble all " wires"

And found something more to test


soon will report if VESC working.