Hobbywing Max6 supercharge

So, just thinking out loud for now, but feel free to shoot this down if you have something to back it with.

The Hobbywing Max6 ESC has a very good reputation, and I’ve read (somewhere) that it can take up to 35V before the safety cuts in. Running it at max charge LiPo 8S it would be at 33.6V to start, and running it at max charge with LiHv 8S (which I’ve seen done on YouTube) it would be at 34.8V to start.

I’m thinking of running it with LiFePO4 10S (to make up for the voltage drop from LiPo) charging at night before bed, which puts it at 36V, then resting overnight it would be at 34V to start, and soon at 32V or slightly lower for 80% of the charge.

Please provide input from the vast collective experience on this forum.

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The issue with the hobbywing is the current limit, not the voltage.

So why are they sold as 3-8S ESCs if the voltage doesn’t matter?

They can handle 160A, and my current motor setup draws 80A per ESC.

Actually @jack.luis, looking at the above link with the specs, it says it can handle NiMH 24S, which is 36V. Interesting!

[EDIT] 28.8V actually, not sure where I got the 1.5V per cell from. [/EDIT]

My mistake, I thought the only ESC Hobbywing made was the one in all of those chinaboards that only handle like 30a total

Anyone? Ideally I’d like to discuss this before diving in. @NoWind

I think the lack of response has to do with evolution, because as you no doubt know, these kinds of ESCs were once the only less than ideal option. Now that they have been mostly replaced by more modern solutions, not many are likely keen to revisit.

Duly noted. I’ll add surpassed mostly. Show me an esk8 ESC with this much torque off the line, the reliability of a Max6, and on top of that is also waterproof.

I’ll hang on for a response though.


Yup, edited to reflect. Someone will come along. MoeStooge would be a great person to address this, so hopefully he sees the tag.

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Check out the Freefly Arc200. I adjusted take off to 80a one time. I ended up on my ass and my rear tires were all of a sudden slicks :grin:


Double the price though, and not sure outside of hill climb competition esk8 needs it? There’s potential, but also burnt units in the thread over on the builders forum.

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The only burnt unit I know of was killed in stress testing.

Cheers, do you know anything about my Max6 voltage question?