Hill Climb Board/Trampa hollypro 35°/MBS F5 Bindings/Trucks Mbs Matrix I

Hill Climb Board | Trampa hollypro 35° | MBS F5 Bindings | Trucks Mbs Matrix I | Metal top truck | Jantes Rockstar pro | Overion Matrix metal mounts | Dual Overion 130kv 3500w | chain drive10x42 | FocBox Unity | flipsky VX2/Lipo 12S 12A/MaxCase MAX235H105S.001

Heat issue while climbing solved with new motors and Focbox unity, Trampa Deck had more POP, Metal motor mounts and Top metal trucks mounts security, i found a lowcost pelicase-like, and a vx2 remote. F5 bindings to hang on the board


Looks great! What’s your experience with the overion stuff? Looks like great quality.

love the look! is your focbox exposed to the outside ? did you 3D print the box ?

Overion stuff is great, really, motors are powerfull and metal motor mounts designed for Matrix I trucks fit perfectly, and they are not the easiest trucks to be motor mounted i think. Result is a rock solid system.


I have the matrix 1’s as well. Was considering upgrading, but I wasn’t aware of these mounts! Do you like the matrix ones? Have you compared them to the 2’s? Wondering if the upgrade is worth it.

Yes i 3D print the box, bottom and top plate are open, focbox need breathe !!!

not affraid of water/mud ?
but you’re right, the focbox looks really great like that, you sould try to paint black some part of the pelicase as well to recall the unity dissipators

i try both of them, same good result, no need to change truck, the only difference was the matrix II accept metal top truck. but with correct spacer matrix I too, and i prefer Matrix I design.

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Thanks for the feedback. Greatly appreciated.

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I don’t remind where but i read a test on the focbox enclosed with more bad results than open one