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Hey everyone,

I have been running www.gripgraphique.com for quite a few years now. And I have been supplying both Alex at @Lacroix and Ernesto from @NYC.kaly hexagon griptape for a few years now with great feedback and results :slight_smile:

I used to make custom griptape art for customers, but as I graduated and got a real engineering job, I’m starting to wind down the side business and selling the current inventory on sale. Unfortunately, I do not make custom cut designs anymore at this time :frowning_face:

Right now, a pack of 50 hexagon griptapes are on sale for $7.99! We use an industrial laser cutter to cut them so they are very precise. If anyone is looking to buy in bulk or organize a group buy for local guys in your area, I’d definitely be able to hook you up with some discounts.

Feel free to post here or PM me if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Great to have you here! Welcome!

Understand the desire to move away from custom graphics work, but is that still on the table if there were higher MOQs?

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it would require pretty high MOQ for it to work out.
Approximately 20-60 sheets worth of the same custom design (depending on the design) (Each sheet is 11" x 38")

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get your hexagon griptape here! =D

bump :slight_smile:

Is shipping always $12? I’d love a pack of these but paying more than the cost of the pack is a bit much.

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unfortunately shipping in canada sucks compared to what you guys get in the states :frowning:

if you can manage to convince a few of your buddies to get some hexagons as well, its free shipping over $50!

Ah didn’t know it was Canada. Shucks. I’ll have to ask around. Thanks!

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Wait… you’re in Canada? Where? I want some of those :slight_smile:

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We’re based in Vancouver, Canada :slight_smile:

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And the only pattern possible is hex? I would have loved to get some puzzles

yeah, unfortunately what we have left in stock is all we have left :frowning:

Before I press the button, is this a marvelous cdn price or am I about to pay lots of extra for usd?

its in usd

:frowning: no longer worth it. Good luck

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Get your hexagon griptapes here! :slight_smile:

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Get your hexagon griptape here! :slight_smile:

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Do you still have some stock?

Yes! you can get them here :slight_smile:

was this a limited time offer?