Hex Spacer Nuts

Hi guys, I’m not quite sure where to put this but I am in need of some steel hex spacer nuts. I am looking for m4 sizing for 25mm and 30mm lengths, if anyone knows where I can get some please let me know. If you have some I am willing to buy them as well, I need roughly 10 to 20 or each but will buy more. I have looked online and cannot seem to find any so I am asking if anyone here knows. Thanks

Something like this but without it being threaded inside?

Close yea, they are still threaded inside because they need screws in each end to hold the two things they are connecting.

Those are commonly referred to as “hex standoffs”

Happy searching :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for the confusion, within a few minutes with using “hex standoffs” I found them! They are shipping from the UK but that’s perfectly fine with me, I will leave a link for anyone who needs it in the future.

SPACER, M4, 30MM LENGTH (newark.com)


I recently got these - no need to ship from UK

They have all different lengths if you click the link.


I appreciate the notice, I am going to get these instead. They seem to be the same but have a bit of a better price and I dont have to deal with shipping from the UK! Thanks man, I appreciate the help!