Henty Wingman Garment Bag Review

Henty Wingman Bag Review

Like a lot of you, I use my board as a daily commuter. My challenge is that most days, I work in a suit, so a good commuter bag is a must. I’ve been carrying this bag for about a year now and I’m quite happy with it, so I figured I’d post a review and some pictures.

Like all reviews, these are just my thoughts and opinions, your mileage may vary. Also to be clear, I bought this bag and I’ve received no compensation or incentive to post this review.

The Henty Wingman is a roll-style garment bag with a messenger strap system. Henty also makes this bag in a backpack style system. If you like this bag and have to carry a laptop, I strongly recommend you check out the backpack style version.

I took these pictures while I was unloading my bag, so I’ll start with a full bag and talk you through the design as I unload my stuff.

There is a large external pocket that includes a removable padded sleeve. I’m not going to call it a laptop-sleeve, because it’s too small for most laptops. It holds a standard file folder, so it’s around 8.5”x11”. It will hold most tablets and some small laptops. The padded sleeve has external pockets that hold small cords or keys. The pocket itself is quite large and I use it for my skate tools, headphones, charging brick, etc.

Once you unclip and unroll the bag, you’ll find a cylinder shaped, zippered inner bag, that holds lots of stuff. Henty calls this a gym bag and it does come with it’s own strap. I use this bag for my work shoes, my charging brick, my windbreaker jacket and/or gym clothes. This bag is damp proof, so it will keep your wet gym towel from getting the rest of the bag wet. Just know that anything inside this bag with your wet towel is getting wet…

The garment section of the bag is quite nice and includes a plastic hanger that clips into the bag. The hanger also has a standard hook that swivels around to allow you to use the hanger with a wall hook or a standard hanging bar.

The garment bag also has a strap so you can hang the garment portion of the bag on a coat or wall hook.

The whole bag rolls up around the inner gym-bag and clips closed with two large and adjustable clips. You can see the overall size next to my board in these last shots.

Here you can see the messenger style strap system.

Not pictured are a rain cover that tucks into a dedicated pocket and a web loop designed to hold a bicycle-style rear light.

Pros: It holds all of my stuff and keeps my suit coat from getting wrinkled on the way to work. It’s quality construction and I expect it to last a long time. It’s comfortable, even when it’s full.

Cons: It does not hold a normal sized laptop. It’s missing an external “keys” pocket - I usually end up carrying my keys in my pants pocket. There is only one hanger, so if you’re planning to carry a suit coat, pants and a shirt, just know that you have to get them all onto one hanger.

Hopefully you found this review useful. Let me know if you have questions or if you want to see any additional pictures. Thanks for reading!