Help with wheel pully ratio.

I have evolve wheels 97mm and 15 tooth motor drive pulley,
Will 36 tooth pully wheels be OK, been told 32 is best but dickio only sells 36. Comes out to 29mph, which is fine not interested in breaking land speed record.


Can you give us more details about your build? Particularly the motors and the discharge of your battery?

Sorry 12s9p battery so plenty of current available, and 190kv motors

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For speed

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If most of your commute is in an urban environment, then go for the 32. Otherwise I’d strongly recommend the 36 if not higher

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As a general rule, always go with the larger wheel pulley. Reasons:

  • it’s easy to increase the motor pulley size if it’s got too much torque, but hard to do the opposite
  • it’s more likely people move to a bigger wheel size later as opposed to a smaller one

If you don’t like it, increase the motor pulley teeth later. That’s easier and cheaper than finding new wheel pulleys.


Can I ask what battery type

well i have 1 44t pulley wheel ordered by mistake, didnt really know what i was ordering, should i order up another 44t pulley wheel, and play about with the motor pully wheels?

a 15 tooth motor wheel and 44t pulley wheel gives 26 mph plenty and probly lots of tourque.

and order up 2, 23 tooth motor wheels for later ?


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I’m using 36T pulleys with 97mm wheels and they work fine,
like @b264 said it’s easier to play with the ratios with bigger wheel pulleys.
I’d go for 36T/40T pulleys for 97mm wheels and 40T/44T for 110mm.

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As in what cells?

ok 36 it is then ok?

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Buyer beware these are dangerous fakes.

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Well I have seen this video and the guy that made it made a retraction later and said he made a. Mistake, alliexpress is pretty good.

Likola sent him thousands of cells and he tested them and they came out as genuine.