Help with vesc settings

So can someone help recommend some vesc settings that are mainly for low speed braking and acceleration to low speeds

12s 30q battery 12s5p

2 6355 flipsky motors

2 vesc6 from trampa


defaults from vesc-tool setup wizard is what I’d suggest, modify from there based on what you like from riding

Aren’t the defaults like 60, -60 and some ridiculous battery settings?

Do 45 motor amps, -40 braking, -7 max regen, and 40 amps total battery draw. That should slow you down a bit and also make your battery last all damned day.


Yes that’s correct, but it’s a good starting place.

It works out the max current your motors can make use of and sets that as motor max and min.

Then it goes batshit crazy with battery max and min

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Why not lower? :joy: Yeah i want to get some confusion into this thread…why? Because I think it’s the basics to first understand what means bat max bat min, motor max and motor min. If you understand that, there is no need to ask this question and you will find the right settings by your own. Settings which will fit to your board and your skill level, not just something that worked for somebody else

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I think a lot of people don’t realize that that number is how much DC current you are allowing your battery to charge at while braking.

-7 basically means that you’re only going to ever shove a maximum of 7 amps DC into your pack while braking. On a 12S5P the cell specs might suggest you can charge at 12 amps DC all day but that’s a great way to shorten your pack life. You use a 4 or 5 amp charger, why try and cram more than 7 into it with your wheels? Set your breaks to -7 max regen and -55 motor min and watch the brakes still drag the wheels when you stop. Now raise the motor min to -40 and watch how soft it gets.

all without stressing your pack with too much regen current.


I know what the values about but others may not. Especially the OP. It might be a bit confusing in the beginning, but to understand how different values influence your ride are the vesc basics and people should understand how it works if they buy an esc which need a custom setup.

Is this per vesc or shared between them

I suppose for each vesc

Per VESC, so you have to double them up for totals. This is why you need to be careful and why the VESC tool, in it’s current state is dangerous.

It’s currently setting your regen current to be -60A per VESC. 120A going back into your pack is not a good idea

Yeah going to.listen to the ideas put here

Don’t want any breaks

I mean you have to be able to generate that sort of current so you would have to be going down a steep hill with brakes on full and still accelerating but just set limits and then you have peace of mind

Is it normal that I can turn the wheels pretty easily by hand when on full brake

Yes it is, because the full brake on VESC doesn’t lock the wheels :slight_smile:

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