Help with amp draw

I have a dual 6374 build and I’m getting one motor/esc that is drawing 3x the amps that the other one is. Ive replaced the esc and still get crazy amp draw. Ive attached a screenshot of the metr app. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated… I’m guessing I’ve got a bad motor?

Wow. Try swapping things left and right systematically, seeing which component the crazy amps follow.

  • power wires to esc
  • motors
  • escs
  • metr module (might show battery voltage fluctuations)

Wondering if you have a dodgy solder joint somewhere that’s making the voltage drop. Also after a quick burst try feeling all the wires and connectors for heat.

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I have changed esc #2 with a new one, same problem. I’ve swapped escs after replacing #2. Same problem.
Last night I resoldered all motor and esc bullet connectors. Same problem
All phase wires are the same length, not kinked, and all solder joints are confirmed good.
I’ve felt motors and wires after a hard run and they are all the same temp.
I’ll try changing motors to opposite escs this eve.


If there’s some voltage drop due to flakey connections that’s causing the high amps, it’s possible moving metr to the other esc will show it. maybe.

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Ok, so round 2 of testing… meter dongle doesn’t matter which esc it’s plugged into. Same result.
I swapped motors and to my surprise the amps stayed pretty normal… but I had a motor heat up pretty quick. Same motor on either esc.

I’ve had a previous problem with the sensor on another BKB 6374 and had to replace the motor. Im beginning to wonder if this sensor is beginning to fail? You can touch the motor can and it’s not crazy hot…

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Can you feel it “draws to much” while your ride or is it just the metr info? Maybe try reinstall the app/config and/or switch the bt module maybe sth is ott there :thinking:

If not maybe the connections or the motor.

Once the motor temp hits 185f the vesc limits power to that esc. If you have traction control on, you’re basically limping at that point.

Ooh interesting maybe try sensorless?

Try checking the amp settings of each vesc using the expert mode of the metr pro app

All settings are the same for each vesc. Confirmed via metr and vesc tool… deucesdown, my other board is set up sensorless because of a bad sensor on a bkb6374. I think im going to try out some of the new TB 6374

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Just wanted to follow up on this…
Last night the motor that was heating up actually failed. The vesc just blinks a red light when the motor is plugged in… I can unplug it and the vesc works as normal with the other motor… been in contact with BKB about the issue (will not be buying those again) and decided to go with Torqueboards 6380 In hopes of keeping motor temps down with more motor! Damn this is an expensive hobby

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