Help w/ picking out a VESC

Hey guys! Back for some more advice, hopefully.

I’ve got a Backfire ESC enclosure that I’m planning to put a VESC in, but I’ve got some size limitations. According to @frame.b022 the Focbox Unity will just barely fit, so I’ve been using that as a size reference. The only other dual motor controller I can find that seems to fit is the MakerX GO-FOC

Are there any other options I should be considering? Forum search tells me a Tenka is a bad idea, although that is the best price/option I can find on paper… trying to keep the budget reasonable. TIA


you’re gonna need something with an integrated AS, and if the unity is the only thing thats gonna fit, you’re stuck with getting a BKB xenith (which is a slightly upgraded unity)

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Why does he need an AS?

Loop key is fine & basically seamlessly integrable at this point.

MakerX stuff is probably perfect for his use case as long as it can push the amps. I think it’s proved to be a reliable VESC.


with the backfire setup, theres no where on the enclosure to have a loopkey. Also, it probably wont fit

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i don’t even know what a loop key is, probably best i don’t mess with that anyhow… stuck with a zenith then it seems

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really just dont want to spend $350 on a damn vesc :frowning:

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Isn’t the flipsky 4.2 plus smaller. Ut can be hit or miss on those.

If you want anything esc related that seems to be the going rate. Could wait till everything normalizes, whenever that is

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i remember paying like $275 for my ubox v1, with a remote included… r i p


Or buy a used backfire for that price :joy:

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fuckin literally lmao… may just grab a flipsky and send it

alright boys, looking for some final input:

I’m deciding between these 3 vescs:

makerx dv6
focbox tenka (dont hate me)
flipsky fsesc6.7

having a hard time not buying the tenka… seems like such a good value despite the horror stories I’ve seen out there… seems to just be a unity lite

what is the real difference between vesc 4 and vesc 6? obv there are some cheaper options if i opt for a vesc 4 version ++ if anyone has any input or experience with these VESCs, i’d love to hear whatever advice you have to give before i pull the trigger…

Have heard many good reports of the dv6
Tenka is supporting a scammer shitcunt, so…
Flipsky, I have a few 6.6singles and have been good for me so far :crossed_fingers:
Haven’t heard about the 6.7s


thank you!! heard a few people say that about the tenka… is there a thread I can catch up on the drama? lol

There used to be a whole forum :joy:
I’m not the expert on it bro, but it’s long and shitty. Summary: j.po ripped off a lot of dudes here and now sells these.


Words that cannot cannot be used in the same sentence.

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MakerX is the only one available right now that I can reccomend right now, they have really great hardware and the maker behind it builds really solid stuff.


As someone who’s first Vesc was Tenka, I can say the main issues with using it are:

  1. Exaggerated performance (~56a @ motors?)
  2. Unpredictable quality control (some documented failures)
  3. Purchases financially uplift someone who’s deeply hurt the community.

Wish I understood this prior to my purchase but mine works and that’s more than others can say.

I’d go MakerX if it fits or flipsky to save a few bucks.

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The new dv6 is just the dv6 pro. So worth it. So much more performance than the tenka or the 6.7.

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Ehhhh not quite. The DV6 pro had some components go out of stock, which is why they aren’t selling it anymore

the DV6 still great for at least 100 motor amps though

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