HELP Project Deck + Enclosure Screws

Ok so @Skyart built this beautiful battery that’s a 16s. The enclosure we have fits the Kaly XL perfectly but Ernesto forgot ti install the screw inserts on the bottom of the deck. I’m stuck. How can I attach this enclosure to the XL deck? I’m open to ideas, links, comments, creativity.

Drill holes, bolt through :ok_hand:


Flat head for aesthetics, pan heads for traction

Won’t this crack the carbon fiber deck?

torx/star drive ideally

Run a foam gasket in between deck and enclosure and don’t over tighten the bolts, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the deck cracking.

I also second running bolts all the way through. Installing inserts can most times be an art form to be done correctly. @Venom121212 found some sex bolts (not the actual name) that work great. As far as I know, hes had no issues. I have a board with the same style and have had no issues.

Bolts all the way through the deck with nylon locknuts and butyl rope if you enjoy skating.

Inserts and foam tape if you enjoy repairing broken stuff :laughing:

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I mean that’s always for everything

sure, but for socket cap screws of that size i wouldn’t recommend it as readily because the hex option is already quite robust.

Sex bolts are the way to go. The inserts that Ernesto uses are tiny and if you’ve never done them can be a pain to get right.

Way easier to just go thru and do sex bolts.

Skin or grip it and you won’t see it

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Those decks are damn near indestructible. I highly doubt that a few bolt holes will compromise it.

Also… its a fibreglass deck with outer carbon skins.

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Got any pics of the sex bolt look? I was also thinking worse case I could add small buttons along the top of deck. Would look bad ass. Like a Harley lol

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What if I just used a T nut then cover the top w grip tape. Done. Or add a button ti the top.

Ive used these, expensive but good.

These guys have EVERYTHING stainless steel.