¡HELP ME PLEASE! Urgent motor replacement

Bro I bought a board of the brand Iwonder Sk-F1D Electric Longboards,dual motor Electric Skateboards supplier | Iwonder, but the representative in Chile left the country.
The problem is that some time ago the motors sound a lot and I have been told that I have to change them (2 motors motor 5065-270kv of 1200w each), but the brand is no longer in Chile. As I don’t have these motors, can anyone help me or advise me with an easy to install motor without having problems? recommendations, installation videos, everything helps! thank you very much.!download


Are you able to shop on aliexpress from chile?


If I can, do you know of a motor I can make for my board. Greetings

This is the whole set. Email them. Maybe they sell you just motors. good luck

It is that by iwonder coverage do not have shipping for chile, so I ask if you can help me with any other engine that I can do to my table and that complex nomad install it.

Problem with the iwonder truck mounts is that they are 30mm mounting holes. most 50xx motors are 38mm and 63xx motors are 44mm so you need to file the mounts. I have done it before. It takes 20 minutes.

Can you solder?

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Actually flipsky do a 30mm 5065 270kv

But you will need to solder the new connectors and get new motor pulleys too because they are not D shaft.


Yes I can weld bro, now if you have any pictures to make it more graphic. I would appreciate it infinitely. Thank you very much

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Can you check if your motor is same dimensions as this?