help me find a remote

Hey guys,

I have this early version lift board. Its in perfect working order. I do not have the remote for it. Where can I get a remote that works works for this board? And once I get said remote, how do I program it so its works with the board?

Thanks in advance.

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So after owning that same board, put a VESC in it (a cheap 4.12 will do). The esc and remote are locked together and the company is no more.

On another note. If you keep up on the maintenance and treat that board nice, it’ll last. I had a single drive as my first esk8

don’t see anything online…there’s a video on how to pair a remote, but they are no longer in business and none are being sold. Give up and just buy a new budget board? A Backfire G2 is only $379 and would be an improvement to a Liftboard


Step 1: take out electronics
Step 2: put in the vesc
Step 3: profit


Fucking echo-y in this thread lol

This is the answer.


I think I have one remote laying arround,
don’t know if It is still good as I destroyed the esc years ago and the receiver Is built in

I second the open the board and put a vesc in, but then you have to buy a vesc + a remote, and once you’re in you’ll want to get rid of that 6s battery, then you’ll see that the 3m belts aren’t durable at higher torque, so you’ll end up buying new trucks and mounts, then bigger motors, at this point you’ll know that the wheels on this board are the worst Chinese urethanes you can get… then you’ll want another deck, an enclosure that doesn’t add 10cm risers to your board… well that’s a long road to a full new diy board XD

That the one ?
Looks to me like it turns on

Btw, how did you come to have a board you know works and not the radio for it ?

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This isn’t my only board, I did all that good stuff to my DIY. This is just and old extra board I had lying around for a slow cruise or an extra for company. instead of throwing away a perfectly good board, I’d like to salvage it with only a remote if I can. Nothing crazy, if I can’t get a remote I’ll prob just toss it…… the thought of putting a new esc and all that and spending more than $100 wouldn’t make sense …… it’s like putting in a new engine in a beat up old car. The Board can’t be worth more than like $80 ……. I know it works because I rode it for like a week, light still comes up in the charger etc… when I lost the remote, I just upgraded everything and this has been laying around ever since…. But like I said, not really looking to put a lot of $$$ into it, just get it working.

It’s mentioned in my comment below

So is that the good remote ?
I don’t particularly enjoy losing my time at the post office, but if it’s to save a board I could make an effort, where are you located?

That looks a lot like a benchwheel remote

They are actually great remotes.


@Kasuniem did you find a way ? Can I burry this remote again into the dept of my old part box or you want it ?

Don’t know how I oversaw this, but I bought one thru that link above… Thanks so much anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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I purchased one…. Looking forward to getting it. Thanks.

@Plurf… do you still have that remote? I picked up one at a yard sale with no remote and can’t seem to find one online.

Yeah sure, pm me you’re location I’ll check shopping, let’s say 20 bucks for the remote, less if the shipping Is crazy

Hey Plurf, for some reason I can’t get my PM to send, can you try sending to me, thinking somethings up with my browser/internet

it’s because you’re a new member… gotta browse some posts and interact with the forum

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