Help me find a battery 12s4p (New Zealand)

hi people I am down to the last part of my build and arguably the most important I need a 12s4p battery with BMS and charger.
This is the best I have found so far especially given the shipping is free.
Anyone got experience with this company. The stats seem legit and they’ve been in business for 5+ years.|0|0;sthome|1455617997

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Dhgate is like 100% full of fake cells. You are looking in the wrong places. People here wouldn’t even bother looking into it.

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First, you should put your location into the user profile section, it helps us give you better options

My three personal choices would be, but Ive only ever bought anything from @thisguyhere

USA - @thisguyhere

EU - @pjotr47

AUS - @TinnieSinker

Also expect at least 150usd more in the final total because of shipping, the charger, and the fact that youre not getting b0ned by some guy who you cant contact :man_shrugging:


hey mate appreciate it I’m in New Zealand. Have already had a crack a @tinniesinker but Shipping is sketchy and pretty much illegal.


Damn thats tricky.

Ive heard pretty meh stuff about Matrix batteries, they seem to be assembled… ok. Maybe give them a look

I think your best bet would be to get some of those 200a li ion cells (or are they lipo? The big red cells, youll know them when you find them on the forum) and put them together using some sort of NESE system. A 2p array would net you nearly 0 voltage sag, and the capacity is probably pretty cash money as well.

Unless the battery cells themselves are the issue? I dont know how your Kiwi* based mail system works

* not the people, the bird… lol. weak joke on my part

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Ive found a guy a couple hours away who does upgrades on the evolve batteries he has offered to spot weld up a 12s4p for me and I can install a BMS get a charger and install an anti spark.

I think that is the best option so far and he has legit cells.

What BMS is everyone using for 12s

D140 Bestech BMS for 12S, buddy :slight_smile:

If your local guy doesn’t work out, we in Australia can spot weld 12 disconnected 4p packs up for you. That ensures it keeps them all under the limit and can therefore ship by air, much the same as loose cells would. We’d leave tabs for you to solder the series connections together and BAM. You’ve got yourself a battery.


I’ll second this. 12s charge only bms’s are hard to find, this one is the ticket.

this is also a pretty good idea.

I’ll be happy to PM you my battery cell suppliers details if you need

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I’m keen for some battery supply details in Nz.

Best price I’ve found from a local store for 30qs is Vaping Kiwi. Still about $10 each though. :man_facepalming:

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oh i meant china suppler, sorry! shipping is pretty quick though

Hey man please do.

Hey I’m looking at building my first Eboard, c pi KD you recommend suppliers for nz /aus