Help me decide on buying a Flux AT2

Hi people,

Have been lurking on this forum for a while and finally decided to create an account. I was hoping that you could help me decide on whether or not to purchase the Flux AT2.

I have been eyeing the AT2 for a while now and steadily saving up for it. Now I have the money to pull the trigger, but given the recent news around Frederic’s passing (RIP Frederic) I am unsure what to do.

Honestly, I really want to support Fluxmotion given the tragic events, since I hope that this in some way helps out his family and friends that work in the business. On the other hand I am not sure what the future holds for Fluxmotion, and I’m also not sure what that means for me in terms of warranty, spare parts etc. I have read both here and on r/electricskateboarding that the team will post an update within a couple of weeks, but I am worried that if they decide on closing shop that I won’t be able to purchase it afterwards.

If there are any recent AT2 buyers that can chip in on the usual (and current?) lead times, that would be great.

I really want to pull the trigger and get the board alongside some spare parts, since the AT2 ticks all the boxes for what I am looking for:

  • 65km+ range for longer day-trips
  • At least 50km/h max speed
  • Can move when needed without being a “race board”
  • Preferably no external battery box that sits on top of the board
  • Bonus points for integrated lighting

I already have a smaller longboard build with a Unlimited x Loaded race kit (street) attached for that inner city riding, but my question to you would be if you would recommend any alternatives to the AT2 that fit the description and are in the same price range and that do not cost me a ton of import taxes (I am located in the EU). Personally, I have not been able to find anything that matches and I still love the AT2 for the design and simplicity.

Your advice and suggestions are highly appreciated!


IIRC Frederic was one doing the building of the boards, alone. So I don’t know if it’s a good idea to place an order unfortunately :confused:

Edit: don’t quote me on this

Have you considered something from Lacroix? They’ve got an EU shop

Thanks for your input; that’s what I was afraid of.

I have had a look at Lacroix, yes. However, to get the kind of range I am looking for I would have to opt for the LSS. To get that board including their official light set is a whole different type of premium, unfortunately.

From my research I can also tell that both the Lacroix boards (and Bioboard’s Plutonium 2, which I also had a look at) are really hefty boards and are mostly for a stable, straight ride. But I might be wrong on that and it could be just a matter of finding the right bushings to tune it.

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Where are you from? Flux builds are pretty easy to make, a local builder could maybe build one for you from parts and offer support.

@pjotr47 would probably be best placed to give you info on where or if the company is going perhaps.

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Thanks for your reply, @rusins.

I am located in Denmark, but I have zero DYI skills and unfortunately don’t know anyone in that scene.

Where would be a good start to get in touch. Here? Facebook groups? Reddit?

Thanks man - I saw his update on Fluxmotion in the corresponding vendor thread, but I figured that now was not the time to bug him.

well look at it this way. If you buy the flux you can always upgrade it however and whenever you like. Maybe you dont have DIY skills but alot of the DIY products are pretty plug and play.

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Hi @esk8noob. Would love to own one as said, just not sure if I will ever get one if I’d order tomorrow since it is uncertain at this point what the future holds for the brand. That was my main concern.

But I agree that the Flux seems to be a nice platform to build onto if upgrades are needed at a point. Thanks for your input!

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maybe wait around for someone to sell a used board on here. good deals pop up a few times a month.

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I’m just trying to get the deck/enclosure kit, the last piece i need to start my build :confused:

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Lets hope in time they continue or let someone else take over and keep producing flux parts and deck. I was lucky to get a diy AT2 locally 2 months ago.

Might just have to do that. I’ll keep an eye out for sure.

Well fingers crossed for both of us then :wink:

Just checked it out, looks so clean! Ooh the jealousy. How do you like it? And do you ever utilize the entire range of offers for longer trips?

Ok, sounds like the Flux is out of question for now :frowning:

So, outside of Lacroix, Kaly, and Bioboard, does anyone have alternative suggestions to AT boards that are mainly geared towards riding on asphalt (light off road ok) that can get 40-50 miles range or more, or have around 1500Wh of battery?

Otherwise, I’ll just try to see if I can find a local DIY builder to help me out, or as others suggested keep an eye out for sales on this site.

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This a a relatively new offer from a small company in Sweden @Schtekarsten


Nice one, haven’t seen that brand before. Visually very reminiscent of the Flux, but a little less battery/range. I’ll check it out the details for sure - thanks!

Also, and not really related to what you are writing: how is it that you can get an e-scooter with 60 miles of range, 30 mph top speed, lights, horn and everything for a about a third of the price as a Flux with acessories? Are two extra wheels really that expensive? :exploding_head:


How can they be that cheap? o_O
Care to give an example?

Hi @tipsy, I stumbled across Voro Motor scooters on YouTube after binge watching reviews of esk8.

Their Emove Cruiser series sits at 1500 USD. Just the barebones Flux is ~3150€ and if you wanted accessories to match (telemetry, lights etc.), that would put it somewhere between 2-3 times the price.

Link here if you are interested: By the way not sure if we’re talking real world or marketing milage, but even at 50 miles I’d still say that’s impressive for a small scooter!