Help guide my Hurricane build

To buy:

Stormcore 60+

Hoyt Puck

2x Lacroix 6374 (should I get Flipsky?)

Onsra challenger trucks

Onsra challenger motor mounts

Onsra challenger motor bash guard kit

Onsra challenger AT wheels, pulleys, belts

Other stuff I might need?

Already have:

Meepo Hurricane battery

Meepo Hurricane deck

Meepo Hurricane charger

Meepo Hurricane Anti-spark switch for charger


I am from Europe. Looking to build something that preforms similar or better than stock Hurricane.

  1. is the Stormcore overkill?
  2. Which trucks/motor mounts combo could I instead buy? Ideally from EU to not deal with customs and expensive shipping? Makerx 260mm trucks? Do those fit stock Hurricane AT wheels and pulleys? Where to get motor mounts for them?
  3. Is the battery going to bottleneck? Dangerous to draw more amps than the stock Hurricane ESC does?

Thanks in advance for the responses…

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Sounds like a pretty nice setup, not sure on all of the compatibility parts but the base parts sound pretty good

Get flipsky motors over the Lacroix for sure, they’re just better. (new ones, battle hardened)

Stormcore is a great ESC, but personally I’d go with something from MakerX probably to save some $, but that’s just me.

Makerx trucks have short axles so that probably wouldn’t be great. You could try the flipsky trucks but they’ve been known to have some issues in the past, I think.

I’m not sure what the best option is for trucks in EU since I don’t live there

The hurricane battery is pretty good. I would setup your vesc to make sure it cannot draw more than about 95a. I think the hurricane battery has a 100a discharge BMS, so I’d set my VESC so it can only draw 47.5a per side.

Do double check and see if the Hurricane deck can fit the stormcore, I vaguely remember the stormcore being about 24 or 25mm thick.


I don’t have any recommendations yet but I did want to say welcome to!


The meepo battery has a discharge BMS.

So if you set your stormcore too high, you will get a cutout and you will eat street. Either set your settings below what the meepo BMS is set to, therefore nullifying all your upgrades and making it just a smoother hurricane with the same wattage.

Or you can sell that battery and buy one with the bms bypassed from one of the builders on here.



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I personally love my stormcore. Haven’t tried maker x like Ryan suggested. It’s a silly little gimmick but stormcores power button cycles through a green-blue-red gradient to indicate remaining battery life, and I really enjoy that, looks better than a volt meter, but that’s all that really makes it stand out from any other quality esc afaik.

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How much you figure I could get for the battery? (has maybe 20 cycles.

Would a BMS cut mean just a loss of power or would it start braking (surely not?)

You’re saying stock Hurricane is already quite maxed out and I couldn’t get worthy performace(power) improvement with a beefier ESC?

Well, VESC and whatever the ESC in the hurricane performs like are going to be different of course. And the remote will be different as well, so it’s not pointless. But theoretically the total output power would be similar on the same battery

Arent flipsky, hurricane, and onsra dkp trucks from the same factory? To me they all look exactly the same. Or are the qualities different?

And out of curiousity. Why take a complete build and diy it? Are their no options to buy the parts? I know metroboard has carbon fiber decks for sell on the website

Anyone here attempted to bypass this battery’s discharge BMS? Thinking whether I can do this myself. I found this video: How to by-pass BMS on electric skateboard. MORE POWER! - YouTube, and it looks pretty simple, if this battery has a similar setup.

It will be some hard work if u do, I don’t think anyone has taken apart their metal enclosure yet

Revised my plan, anyone got any comments?

  • Flipsky 6374 D shaft 10mm - Banggood 182eur for 2, from Czechoslovakia
  • Flipsky motor pulley 15 teeth D shaft 10mm - Aliexpress 26eur shipped, China
  • Boardnamics 220mm hangers idler motor mount kit - 220eur shipped (+ import tax upon arrival)
  • Stormcore 60D - LacroixEurope 346eur
  • Hoyt puck or VX1 PRO - 127eur or 70eur

Would you go puck or vx1pro?