Hello I’m Korean. I really need your help about 4wd CAN bus communicate, and PC to VESCs connecting

hello I’m Korean,using VESCs for startup company’s product being developed.

my goal is to connect 4 vesc via CAN, and to connect to PC(Jetson tx2) via CAN. because our project must use this PC. how i can do? in the case of USB connection, the connection may be disconnected sometimes and there is a delay each time, so we are considering CAN communication without problems like this.

  1. I found some thread that talk about 4wd connection. I think 4 VESCs connection, and VESC to PC via USB will be hopely work.
  2. but I’m not sure that connecting VESC to PC via CAN using CAN to USB converter. is it possible??


  1. when I connected two VESC via CAN bus, and master VESC to PC via USB with reference to above site, that worked a few times. but shortly, problem accrued. two VESC does not turning on now. I think there are short problem but I’m not sure. DO you know why?

First off, welcome!

Running CAN on a 4WD can cause problems if not done right.
Do you have pics of your set up and what brand of VESC are you using?

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actually, VESC was broken… so can’t show you set up state. I set up one master and one slave following referenced page using bldc-tool.


If you do not mind, teach me how set up the 4wd and how to using it.

and, brand is Vanda Electronics. https://vandaelectronics.myshopify.com/

Just make a Daisy chained canbus cable

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oh I see. thank you for your pics.

this is how it’s wired.
M = Master (Can ID 0
S = Slave (Can ID 1,2,3)


actually… connecting 4wd is maybe work. but main problem is it possible connecting VESC to PC vid ‘CAN’. anybody did it like this?

yeah, you simply select the can ID and select can forward and you can connect to the specified esc

I see you are talking about Jetson tx2, the nvidia’s supercomputer? So you basically would like to interface your vescs with Jetson using CAN bus instead of USB to get a more reliable COMM connection right?

I do not have experience working with Jetson, but the first thing I would check is if it has a built in CAN support, if yes, what transceiver is it using?

Once you have the hardware part figured out, the next step would be to take a closer look at the Vesc open source FW, mainly https://github.com/vedderb/bldc/blob/master/comm_can.c, it has all the protocol information you need to write a software to manage your Jetson transceiver to be able to talk with the vescs.

It requires some work but it’s totally possible.

It’s also interesting to know whats your application, are you using Jetson for real time control?

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Thank you for your advice Leonor.
sorry for late reply because I have to do a lot work.
I did check and study about CAN and VESC and UART comm system what company already have, existing program.
actually I used CAN-USB adapter of PEAK system to connecting VESC to Jetson.I think maybe transceiver is not needed.

yeah you are right. this system for real time control. if you interesting, follow this http://polaris3d.co/ko/ans-ko/

I saw github link that you gave me, it is too hard to understand to use it… Im frustrating…