Heatsink for my board because F thermal throttling

So I just ordered this for my Stormcore 100D+, it will be going in my EboardsPeru Fiberglass enclosure.
Any recommendations on installing a heat sink? They do not provide any instructions but I assumed a Dremel and draw a rectangle from the inner part of the rubber gasket.


I wouldn’t use a rubber gasket. I usually put a small layer of super glue around. It’s held up well and is defo more water resistant than just a gasket

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If you have access to a cnc and some calipers you can get a real clean fit, I did that with a plastic lock box and the heat sink snaps in place, the screws are just for decor :joy:

Either a sheet of rubber/closed cell foam cut to shape or a bead of silicone caulk


I have no cutting tools, can probably get someone local to let me try their tools.

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Mask off the enclosure with tape to protect the surface. Use a template to transfer the area to cut. Rough cut with a jigsaw, then use small files to get the precise shape. Use black silicon adhesive sealant to create the gasket. I used that method back in 2019 and it lasted over a year until I changed out parts.


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