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Heated Gloves wrist guards combo

So. This set up is kinda ridiculous.
But I just did 8 miles out in 31f(-0.5c) weather and my hands never got cold.

To all the homies in California and Florida.
Go fuck yourselves and your no winter having states. It’s cold out here.

I have only used them with the mini remote, so I can’t tell you if you could used them with a thumb wheel.
I’m able to jam my trigger finger up and get a feel for where the trigger is.

To fit in the wristguards I had to take the battery out of the glove so I just velcroed it on to the wrist guard.


Someone should make a remote with an active heater lol


The Wands newest “feature” all you’ve got to do is use shitty batteries

In other news, really likin this solution, since most of us are too busy worried about snow and stuff, this deals with another problem we ignore, the freezing weather


This is brilliant, if it’s cold out I can’t feel my fingers and toes after a few miles and it always feels kinda sketch… probably gonna get a pair very soon

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My remote hand was always the first to go. I manage to bundle everything up pretty well. My hands were golden today. My feet were starting to feel it a bit.

I rode with fingerless leather gloves…remote hand goes numb in about 15 minutes if it’s windy. I want to put my hands in my pockets but I know shouldn’t

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Cool combo I velcro mine too lol A quick fix is get some nitrile dr. Aka tatoo gloves box of 100 for like 7$ you wont believe how hot your hands stay in the cold. I used to live up by the Canadian border in Idaho

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