Heat coming from cable riser

Hey everyone!

I recently installed a cabler riser on my board and noticed that the wood above the cable riser is a tiny little bit hotter than the rest of my board. Also when the power is turned off.

I don’t really know what can be causing this, so I was curious if any other people had experienced the same?

Everything seems to be running fine (no smoke or anything).

Pictures are taken with the board turned off.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:
And have an awesome day!

Do you have a connector for the phase wires in there? They connectors may have more resistance and generate more heat. Otherwise, the insulation from the riser is holding in all the heat from the wires where as the exposed sections dissipate heat to the air around which gets blown away


@ZachTetra have some bullet connectors.

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Ahh, how did you do the 90 degree bend? If the wire is bent to much then compressed it may cause the strands to break, reducing the effective gauge at that one section which makes it hot


With a helping hand. Looked flush.

I just can’t get it to make any sense that it’s still hot when no current is going thru.

I actually also just came back from a ride and now its even cooler than before. I don’t get it… 26.something degrees Celsius.

Umm…what? It’s hot without and current?

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Yea now I’m confused as well. It’s hot without current. Just came back from another ride and it’s not hot.

Maybe it was just due to heat from your motors?


Holy riser batman

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Maybe the plugs aren’t in all the way or bad solder joint.

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Could it be the cables are grouped tighter together there. Cable grouping factors are some thing that’s calculated in building industry as it’s heated from neighbouring cables and magnetic fields can increase heat as well as resistance in joints and connectors.


the wires are actually not bent 90 degrees, it’s actually soldered to the bullets 90 degrees

pic from a fourm member.



maybe you have a tiny short in the riser cables.

Try running the board upside down for 5 min and measure the heat before, under and after

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I ran the board for a minute and or so without load and noticed the temperature had raised 0.4 degrees Celsius.

Starting to realize this thread was probably pretty useless :man_facepalming: It was probably just heat from the cables that was being trapped and tried to escape.

And/Or like @Darkie02 said, something about cables being tight together.

Really appreciate all of your inputs! Thanks guys!

May you now continue to have a wonderful day :slight_smile: