Headway Pack Idea

Would it be a good idea to build a battery pack for a electric longboard out of 38120 Headway cells, Here’s the chart!

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Loads of people have said they were going to do this on the other forum (have a search over there) but nothing actually came to fruition in the end. I think it was decided that 30Q were just better all round.

Price wise, headway is way better, 4 for about $11

I will probably end up doing this build just need some time to figure it all out

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Per weight unit the capacity is ass…only a 1/3rd of a 30Q, and only 30% more amps


Yeah those cells are huge and heavy and nominal voltage is not 3.6(7)V it’s 3.2V.
So a 12s1p pack would already be huge and still only 8Ah.

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You will have 25,6wh for 306g.

If you take 3 30q’s you have 33,4wh for 144g.

Up to you but Samsung 30q or other li ion cells are better for a esk8

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I used the big 15ah headway cells on an ebike. I loved them. I never balanced them because they stayed very balanced, and at times when they became a bit unbalanced, they seemed to balance them self’s back out on a full charge (full cells just stopped going up in voltage at the same rate).

But they are big and heavy. Not the best for eboards, but great for bikes. Also, no soldering or spot welding with the screw terminals!

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