Haya HB92 V2+ and TB Direct Drive Motor Kit

I’m planning to build a somewhat stealthy build with a Haya HB92 V2+ deck and the TB direct drive kit with 110mm wheels. Does someone has experience with this or a similar setup, especially when it comes to wheel-bite. It seem that those 110mm wheels are rather large.
I’m thankful to any info regarding this topic :slight_smile:


Yep I ran the DD kit on the Haya with Abec 107 superflys and got some wheelbite with risers that bring the trucks up to about deck level, risers about the height of the recess cut-out.

The wheel bite is manageable though, loved that setup and would have loved it way more even with TB110s. Just plan on getting some risers to lift it to where it needs to be at max lean. I believe I had my trucks in the furthest out position… or maybe the middle, can’t remember.

TLDR, works, but needs attention to detail when setting up to not get bite.


That is nice to hear. Thanks for that.

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Adjustable baseplates would do the trick. Maybe with some risers…

Who had the senderized koi Haya deck with dual direct drives and adjustable baseplates? Those are the best images to look at. Probably rides fine, but looked way too high for my taste :man_shrugging:

Edit: found it

That’s me :wave:t3: and you’re correct on the height. I ended up buying the TB 50D non adjustable plate to go with the 35D that it comes with. I’m still working on the build but I just got my remote and have all the parts now. Covid slowed me down financially this year so I haven’t been able to finish until now. I still need to work on my riser setup for the electronics though :man_shrugging:t2:


Oh and it did ride fine unpowered but too damn high for me. With the 50D plate and the right riser set the wheel bite might be completely eliminated. As it is now I don’t think it will be a problem except for full grab leans. I’ll put those adjustable plates up for sale again soon probably.

I have a HAYA and I got bite with 97s even with a huge riser (I forget how thick it was but more than 15mm).

Considered cutting wells into the deck but given the issues they’ve had with decks cracking I didn’t want to risk it so I ended up having to put brackets on a la Sofu to get rid of the possibility.

Now it handles like a barge.

It’s a beautiful deck though.

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Yea I’ve followed all the haya builds and I’m trying to keep it carvy. The split angle I have going keeps it lower for me but I’m still going to need at least a half inch riser.

I’m running HB92 V2 + elofty DD + avenue baseplate + 120mm Discovery (cloud) wheels, and it’s the smoothest ride ever. I love it.

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