Having trouble with UART pairing

I am having some issues pairing my remote through uart. I have a stormcore 60d+ and a Flipsky vx4. I paired the remote and receiver and they connect just fine, but I am having trouble with setting it up with the input setup.

I set app to use as uart
I set control to current
I set smart reverse to off
Motor configs are done

I really don’t know what to do for this as I have only used ppm before. If anybody has any solutions, please help. Anything is appreciated.

Have you tried swapping your rx/tx pins?

Not yet, but I’ll try that now

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It didn’t work

Try flippin to nrf

Do you have it set to Fsesc 6.6 in the vx4 menu? Also is your control type set?

Control type as in uart/ppm/nrf?

His talking about the menu on the remote

Then uart

I’m having the same issue. Just with a new bkb voyager remote. Stormcore 60D.

Uart/current is selected.

I get board voltage in the display. So there is some communication.

Everything worked with the ppm remote i used before. Still does when choosing ppm as control and using maytech remote it had before.

So, bumping this thread hoping someone has the golden answer.

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Check the VESC remote tab.

It’s set to current, smart reverse is off also

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This was the trick for me. It’s now rolling. Thx @glyphiks

Did you have any luck @Akbrock47 ?


I checked them but they did not need switching

It just randomly started working for some reason though even though I didn’t do anything


“VX4” + “Stormcore 60d+” here.

I had the same issue.

After flipping the TX RX pins as suggested by @glyphiks everything works now.

Settings on Remote:

  • ESC Type: FSESC
  • Control Type: UART

Settings in Vesc:

  • App to use: UART
  • Control Type: Current