Hall sensors vesc Flipsky 4.20 to motor racerstar 5065

How do I transfer the vesc cables with a sensor if the names do not match? The engine sensor has no h3/h2/hi/tmp, it has only 5v from the vesc diagram LOL Can you help me with this puzzle? I’ll add all the pictures I have…

Iirc, as long as red and black are correct, and there is no temp wire, the motor wires order shouldn’t matter. Dont quote me.



The order of the 3 hall sensor wires doesn’t matter, as long as you redo motor detection after any changes.

The 5V, Gnd, and Temp (if present) do have to be in the correct place.

So it looks like only black and red need to be aligned.


Thank you for your help!!

Thank you for your help