Hall sensors? question

hello i have tampera vescs, just ordering motors, will a motor with

with JST 5P 2.0 Hall male plug work ok? or does it have to be 6 pin ones



Got a link to the motors in question?

Likely the 5pin ones are missing a temperature sensor. Should work but you’ll want to verify the pinout on the 5p sensor cable

dickyos motors

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Did you buy them already?

If not I wouldn’t :man_shrugging:

If yes then you need 6pin JST-PH (2mm pitch) connectors for the vesc. On the original 5pin connector (as shown in the pic) the outer wire on the left is negative and the outer right positive like on the 6-pin version. If you convert from 5-pin to 6-pin just use the same wires on the same pins but move the outer right positive wire to the outer pin of the 6-pin connector and leave the temp sensor pin empty.

Don’t plug the 5-pin connector into the vesc! And don’t pay attention to wire colors, they never match.

I have the red 6364 and the black 6384 motors BTW


It’s all just a bit weird buying Trampa vesc 6’s and then spending $45 on some motors.


I like the idea of using them as consumables, you have the nice maytechs for good weather. Swap to the $45 ones for a thrashing when it’s wetter than idk some wet shit.


When you buy original Vesc 6’s then there is no money left for motors :rofl:

But joking aside I also bought them after too much broke “premium” and standard motors.

The real joke is that the 45$ motor is over 100$ after tax and several fees, thank you DHL. Also it took almost a week and over 20 e-mails to finally receive the parcel. They wanted 3 times a new bill and data sheets and so on and then I had to pay ridiculous high storage fees on top.

In the end you pay a lot for this pieces of art

A bit loose windings :ok_hand:

Random spacing between magnets :ok_hand:

Easy disassembling plus loose shafts :ok_hand:

Without battle hardening I don’t think they would last long

In the end the power of the 6384 is not bad but the loud whistle sound is ridiculous, so annoying that I refuse to use them anymore. Spent a lot of money for nothing, congrats to myself.


Soooooo I can buy these then? :wink:


If you can afford these heavy metal flutes with custom made 8mm shafts then yes :rofl:


Goodness gracious. Quite upgraded.

You are very far away anyway. I’ll just get my own dickyho moterinos.


Hey Rich, thx for letting us know about this. As for the hall sensors H1, H2, H3 - > hope they are not intended to put in special order ? Right ? ( only the -/+ important + temp, but in my case have only 5x pins hall sensor motor ). Would happy if any recommendations /Alex

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Hey Alex, I never changed the order of the 3 hall sensor pins but it shouldn’t matter at all as long as you do motor detection (hall sensor detection) afterwards (at least I’ve read 100 times that it doesn’t matter). As you said plus and minus are most important.


Thanks for letting me know Rich ! Try then to go along with this solution and may post some feedback then :slight_smile:

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