Haggyboard is back

Hi boys n gals…
I had a bit of an unexpected time-out and had to go back to Europe. I just got back to Taiwan Tuesday night and am now catching up on all emails.

Sorry to all who have been waiting for a reply. You will receive a reply asap. Also, next Monday Jeff will be joining the team…(not Jeff Anning :slight_smile: ) so replies will be faster.

Thanks for your understanding.
best regards


awesome welcome back


Awesome I can’t remember if I sent you an email or not but I remember reading you’d be upgrading the motors in the at drive kit and was wondering if that was still the case!

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@stratoglide: Hi Josh, yes we are upgrading them and have received a limited batch of new sensored 6374 motors. They are from Maytech @190kv and come with a customized shaft.

The website will eventually be updated and one can choose between the current 6364 and the new 6374 motors.


Ohhh nice I’m guessing the 6374’s are going to be a little pricier any idea on cost yet? I’m glad I waited to order :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yaaay Timo


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Glad to see you over here Timo!!

Everyone I talk to always throws your name out as an awesome vendor with some great stuff. I’ll be checking your stuff out for my next build!

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Welcome back Timo. Jeff is a solid addition.

Esk8 royalty


Timo. Whats the distance mount to mount on your truck setup? Will it fit the sk3 6374s?

Those sensor wire connectors… :heart_eyes: @hummieee

@702vegas : Hi Simon,

the distances from mount to mount is 18cm…2x SK3 6374 motors won’t be a problem.

However, it is best to have a motor shaft length of at least 30mm, because the motor mount is rather thick at 10mm.


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