Haero bro top mount enclosure advice

I just got my haero bro today, and here comes the most annoying part of my build.
I can’t for the love of all holiness find an enclosure that’ll fit my battery just right.

Size of the battery: 23x23x10cm

I’ve thought about 3d printing a battery box but the durability and possibility of deformation really worries me. As for waterproof toolboxes that people use, I can’t find one that’s not oversized because they’re mostly rectangular and my battery is square.

Here’s some photos, absolutely loving the deck tho :smile:


That is a huge pack, what cells do you have in there?

12s10p 21700 Panasonic cells

Build around it with lego,then put the lego box in a epoxy bath.


This is why I can’t stress order of operations enough. Helmet, deck + enclosure, THEN battery.


Check out polycase


Here is filtered by min size 32cm x 32mm x 10cm

@MrDrunkenMobster whats the case you have on mistfall? Might be what this guy is looking for

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I just saw a battery box that’s half 3d printed, drew it out in fusion and it’s in the making :grin:


I followed your in order suggestions on my in progress second build.good advice this go around , it all has gone together great.

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