Guppy a lightweight cruiser build

Sup guys, thought I’d share my latest build with everyone.
I’m pretty stoked with how it all turned out
I originally bought this deck for myself but after lots of nagging I made a deal with my 11 year old stepdaughter that she could get an electric board when she showed me she could skate unpowered first.

Learn to fall, manual brake or bail comfortably, park etiquette etc well she sure showed me aha
after many afternoons (about a year all up) she was doing pretty damn good and kept at it after a few decent slams and well she earnt her first board in my eyes.

Shes super stoked with it and reckons it sounds like a guppy with the motor hum so the name stuck.

It’s been a very drawn out journey with many highs and lows but im glad I persevered it’s a great board.

A complete battery rebuild and some parts changes were in order due to wrong parts choice for user which allowed it to be left on and drained to zero volts :pensive: probably combined with the esc blowing up the cells were not happy.
My fault for forgetting to charge and not having a smart bms to monitor but eh upgrades are the only answer right :rofl:

Sooo first time around with this build we had a set of enertion raptor hubs a maker x dv4 and flipsky antispark planned.
Plugged in the antispark first and poof it blew.

I kinda knew it could would happen so did it first before plugging anything else in rather than leave it gathering dust, I had a known working one I swapped it with after still scratching my head as to why I persevered.

Plugged that in setup the dv4 went to do motor detection on the raptor hubs and during detection the esc faulted and basically detonated :sweat_smile:
not even kidding iv popped an esc before but this had a plume of discharge and the whole things pretty toasty it blew off the positive and a phase lead :neutral_face:

No idea why really probably a faulty unit but Maker x was good enough to replace the dv4 although one of the raptor hubs was seized with a motor phase short so they were benched.
Luckily I’d planned another build with some exway hubs so plans changed and those got switched to this build.
Pretty sweet upgrade for her anyway and she would have needed it eventually but now we can upgrade the sleeves etc so plus sides for potential.

Then we had it running for about two months before it got left on accidentally and drained to zero :neutral_face:.
I changed out the flipsky antispark for a radium antispark that way the board cant stay in the on state for her again and then we added in a robogotchi and gps module cause logs are awesome right.

And then for her birthday she got some evolve prism led strips to mount under board.
So while rebuilding the battery it changed from 10s3p to 12s2p for space (10s3p was a very tight squeeze hence the esc position :sweat_smile:) and weight and then added in a step down buck converter, a couple of USB ports, changed the charge port to a weipu sa12 and recessed it in better for ground clearance and boom we’re off to the races round two.

Well I was also really hoping/praying that the radium switch would actually help switch the lights and buck off cause I didn’t know for sure and I had no idea of an alternative lol :sweat_smile:
But fear not the radium switch solved two problems for this so I’m super stoked I managed to have it cheers radium team epic stuff as always.

Ok so onto the build
The deck
Bustin Royce pro 37’
This things super nice to ride it’s a great size board yet is way smaller than I usually ride so it’s a totally different ride style for me and I’m digging it. It’s also sneaky powerful on full power hehe.

Eboosted jet spud SS enclosure I initially used m3 or m4 sex bolts but was having a shit time with the threads etc so changed to m5 bolt through for easy assembly. Glad I made the change now the enclosure comes off super fast and don’t need to use an Allen key until tourqing up the last part of the threads.

Pre paint pics, I found a high strength marine epoxy putty locally that I tried rather than using a resin for this enclosure. Pretty happy with how it worked, way easier to shape and it seems pretty tough once cured. Will see how it holds up over time.

Paris v2 trucks with enertion ghost wheels front
Eway x1 pro hubs rear
5mm risers for wheelbite clearance

Maker x dv4 radium antispark
12s2p molicell p42a pack made with a copper nickel sandwich the second time around just to see how the kweld would handle it.
It did pretty well .2 copper was thicker than ideal really and is super overkill for this board but we got there and I can say iv done and can do it now.
14s jbd smart bms and charge fuse
Flipsky vx2
Robogotchi and gps
Buck converter and led strip lights

The total build weight dropped with the exway hubs and 12s2p and now it sits at 8.7kg all up
not too shabby most my boards are tanks weight wise so it’s nice to pick up something lighter for a change :rofl:

So far iv set it up with 40 amps motor and battery haven’t really tweaked the controller and ramping settings yet but as is it’s dialled in pretty well for her needs so she can comfortably use the remote in power mode 2 and can up it when she’s confident.

I’m unsure how much power the LEDs will drain but I’m thinking she’ll get an easy 8-10km range still which is plenty for her and they look pretty cool and make her more re visible now. Contemplating maybe a rear taillight aswell but we shall see

So far it’s been running super smooth once we got past the standard vesc tool shenanigans so hopefully it won’t need to be touched too much in the future.

We will probably upgrade the wheels for Chrissy or something down the line so she can get a bit more from it like grass riding etc, but she needs to wear these ones down a bit first haha
might try the new cloud wheel rovers out for science :grin:
She’s also now in the process of designing a grip tape that we will get printed when she’s happy with it all so that she can make the board fully hers. It’s been great to see her get interested in the whole process she’s learnt every step of the build and been a great helper.
Keen to get some rides in myself now ( I steal it more than her :rofl:)


is there fishpaper between the cell groups?

I’d keep an eye on that area after every ride just to be safe. Quick fixes like that always end up needing to be properly fixed with epoxy + fiberglass in the future in my experience. It also might be fine and never break or crack.

If you use splatter goat make sure you have a heat gun on hand when installing it to make sure air pockets won’t form in the future. Even if they’re not there on install they can form after the fact

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Fishpaper on the ends between groups and I added a dab of silicon around the series groups that run down the side cause I didn’t really like how close they were together but it worked for an easy layout

I definitely will be keeping an eye on it as I’m curious to see if it will last, it’s definitely thicker than needed but that could also help it crack :thinking:
Always a trade off with shortcuts

Cheers to know use a heat gun with install that’s probably the mob I’ll use no doubt and bubbles infuriate me haha

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