Guidelines: Completes for Sale 2022

Complete boards only

If you just want sell some parts, please use the “New/Used Parts for Sale” category.

Listing Must Contain

  • Location of you or the item.
  • Price in the currency you want to receive
  • Price of listed Item/s. OBO can be added if you wish.
  • At least one photo inside your Sales post is mandatory.(But please just upload more to make it easier for you and everyone else because you will be asked how the insides for example look like…

You are trying to sell your stuff here, so please make it as easy as you can for others. No hoops needed!

Be ready to supply shipping quotes because you will be asked.


  • Best offer without price
  • Using just the “Esk8 Parts market” category, that’s a no no!
  • Missing anything of the “Must contain list” duh.
  • Posting your item in another person’s post
  • No Auctions or Links to external sites like Ebay
  • “first one that pays me gets it” madness
  • Payment by Paypal Friends and Family, venmo or any other unsecure methods.


USA - california

Description: DIY Mountainboard


  • Haero Bro deck
  • ESC: Stormcore 100D
  • Battery: 18s5p p42a
  • Charger/port: Lacroix 8a
  • Hubs: Trampa Phatlads
  • Tires: Trampa 9” MudPluggers
  • Motors: 63100 165kv TB Motors
  • Motor Mount: Idea v7.8 for Apex Airs
  • ESC enclosure: Apex lightweight
  • Hoyt puck Batwing Edition
  • Trucks: Apex Airs
  • Battery Enclosure: Peli 1200
  • Wheel Pulley: Idea 72T 20mm
  • Motor Pulley: Trampa 13T 20mm
  • Bindings: MBS F5

Price: $2200 OBO + shipping


Rules are open to change at any point, so please keep yourself informed and follow the rules at all times.

Not following the Sales Guidelines may result in your Thread being closed.