GT2B Mod Video Tutorial - “ChoZen” Remote Case

Basically copying and pasting my tutorial from the dark side.

This GT2B remote mod is a little special to me because Derek/@BigBoyToys was the one that loaned one to me a few months before he passed. (I ended up loving it and have used it on 5 builds so far), it also allow for multiple receivers if that’s your thing.

Hopefully this will help one or two people.

I decided to record a video of my mumbling while making the @MasterCho GT2B housing mod that he’s released on Thingiverse. I recorded the whole process which took about an hour. I apologize this was only edited down to the 21 minute video below.

I added a battery gauge to it, not in the video. Just solder two wires as shown, Dremel a slit on the FLAT side of the case to show the four LEDs, align and use electrical tape to keep it in place. I drip hot glue into the slit from the outside and then cut out the excess for a cleaner look.

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*Note that the more recent GT2B remote comes with a 1700mAh battery which will NOT fit in this housing, you’ll need to get their 800mAh battery (available on ebay). They look like the same size, but smaller battery has a spacer that’s removed to fit the modded case. As for the capacity difference, the smaller battery lasts a LONG time so going from 1700 to 800 is not really much of an issue. Also if you are paranoid about the micro USB port breaking off this would be the perfect time to add some hot glue to it.
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WTf haha the new battery is 1700?? My 800 lasts for like 3 weeks of riding lol

With the new one you will probs forget that it needs to be charged


This is super! totally needed this here!
But what’s a remote mod without conformal coating? where’s the redundancy??

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