Group ride colorado

Calling all local esk8 hobos. Anyone in colorado interested in putting together a group ride in the Loveland, Ft. Collins, Greeley area? Perferably morning, (9ish start) I work nights. Open to suggestions for places to ride, and when. there’s lots of really nice bike trails in this area too. Or we can piss off motorists and ride street🤣
Of course free, except you buy me lunch and beers​:rofl::yum::wink:


@TheRef and @cfelzien are your resident esk8 hobos


They actually live like 2 blocks away👍


My condolences.



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[@Mikeyrides you also got @SmokeNEsk8 @Heathlewis @tomiboi I know Mark and Heath ride sometimes together
But you need to put on your big boi pants
They like to go zoom zoom :sunglasses:


Join PEV 20/20 Club on Facebook. You can post rides there as well for people to join. Good group of guys.


Will definitly check it out!

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Cant forget @Savage1, dudes definitely a hobo.


Hobos are fun to ride with, they just don’t care, they just wanna have fun.

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Add me to the list too.

Aurora here


Added! Any particular time/date work for you? Mornings are best for me. Also, thinking about Longmont as a place to ride. Don’t know any riding areas there though.

Following… hard to get away but will if I can for sure.

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Y’all can also check out our new Facebook page for upcoming events. Redirecting...

I work 8-5 mon-fri. I usually ride on the weekends though. Most of my riding is done during the week as the board is tranportation lol.

Any of you Colorado peeps looking for a 12s12p inside a kaly 4 piece enclosure? Not interested in shipping so colorado only (hence posting it here lol), pick up or we can meet (im in aurora). Details upon request but will happily post for all.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.