Grocery Getter Econo-short board R2 interim build

This is an interim build, I bought this popsicle board with the intention of putting Carvon Direct Drive motors on her but life, work, and shit got in the way for a bit… I was kick-pushing it around for a while but wanted to see what it felt like motorized, so I threw on a spare set of eLofty drives on her and took her for a ride…

I have to tell you it actually feels more like a magic real skateboard than an eBoard…

I now know the allure and the following that short fun boards have… and this is exactly the board these drives were intended for.


20 lbs finished weight
31" tip to tail, I increased the wheelbase to 24", 8.25" width
drive train is eLofty DKP trucks with the middle piece taken out so they are about 35 degree RKP now
10S3P battery


$20 popsicle deck
$100 used eLofty drives
$30 10S3P heavily modified mBored battery
$10 Torqueboard ABS enclosure
$300 Unity
$60 Cal7 ABEC 97mm clone wheels



same dealio

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what is this deck?

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Is that a lacroix?


La k00k


I added some deets above… but It’s a $20 amazon popsicle deck 31" long 8.25" wide, modified by a k00k!

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god it looks so good with direct drive…

Get wheelie mode working on that mothafuka!!

cal7 arent the worst either. I’m gonna try them out because they fit my push fits mad well.

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wheelies are awesome… get the bitch rolling, stand on the kick-tail and hit the power she comes up like a dream… but the CG is too far forward for sustained wheelies… In the next revision I’m going to flip the battery to the back and run the phase wires all the way to the front to move the CG back…
then I’ll add the wheelie module and some titanium for sparky fun on the kick-tail and wheelie the bitch off into the sunset…

This is going to be a fun board for boardwalk cruising at the beach, and bar-hopping!!!

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Is that a normal 50deg RKP truck in front?