grippy abecs (what are my options)

4wd carvon drive train. its absolutely insane (best board ive ever ridden) but sadly since i dont think @PXSS ever made those kegel adapters im gonna need abec

ive tried
evolve 83mm (rock hard)
abec 97 refly (small contact patch and quite hard still (also 1 of them chunked when i hit a pothole :cry: )
evolve 107 (hard and losing a torque at that big)

any other options?
need something grippy and hopefully a little softer (i got bad feet)

thanks a lot and please let me know where my options stand

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:cry: :cry: :cry:


I’ve got a whole bucket of wheels you can’t have mate. I’ll PM a picture.


thank you

please pm 2 pictures

good to have you back :wink:



Like @Brenternet indicated, the wheels never went into production. sad sad. Figured that would be what you looking for in a better world.

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which ones are those?



Those are the 111mm ABEC11 MasterFly prototypes, I think.

It’s really exactly what you need but also unobtainium, so :man_shrugging: .

I’d use the 107mm SuperFly or F1 or Metroboard wheels by ABEC11 if you need that core goemetry.


You can read up on the glow wheel thread and see if any of them might work.


107 is getting a little big

the f1 were quite hard and not super grippy

never tried superfly or metroboard

was hoping for something similar to boas (sot, big contact patch and around 100mm)

any chance it would be possible to get your hands on these?

thanks man will do

I don’t think you will find much of that in the abec core

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Evolve 97 aren’t bad, softer compound

the other option is to find a set / get cnced some kegel adaptors

only 55mm contact patch and 76a (not that soft)

need wide and soft

76a duro is quite soft! Look at most longboard wheel duros and you will find under 80=soft(not too many softer options…). Those evolve 97s do feel really good, i bought a set some time ago on sale to try them. Was pleasantly surprised at comfort and silence and a wide contact patch(yes, these are wide). Boas and tb 110s are the widest but that doesnt mean others are narrow. For your weak feet, try skating more often and invest in good shoes like etnies jameson (my faves). But yeah, evolve 97s are much better feeling than abec 97s but not as durable. Tradeoffs everywhere ya look!! :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


Not all 76a urethanes are made the same. Some of the other brands compounds are less or
More. The evolve ones are made in the USA same with gen1 boas. Both are good in my opinion.


ok thanks

i have currently 97mm reflys which are 74a. i wouldnt call them hard but they are soft either
could just be my feet

difference is i like to go fast on this board (40mph)
and i need something that wont lose grip as soon as i hit gravel or a little crack in the pavement


No difference in compound is gonna save you on gravel. I’ve come to the conclusion that thane in the UK is a mugs game.


Totally agree…

I got some cloud wheels, apparently off-road wheels in the rest of the world, but just about right for the UK tarmac :rofl: