Green : 10S5P 30Q : TB DD 90Kv : Unity : 40" Earthwing Supermodel : Maytech V2 Mini

Here’s my latest build, test ridden for first time last night. Everything works and it rides like a dream.

Parts List : As the Title would suggest :

Earthwing Supermodel Dropped 40" GREEN Edition (via Streetwing)
Fibreglass Enclosure by @BigBen (via Streetwing)
10s5p 30Q Pack (via Electric Board Solutions) - Charge Only BMS
Focbox Unity (2nd Batch - from you know who)
TorqueBoards Direct Drive 90kv Version with 110mm Really Big Wheels (1st Batch Pre-Order)
Maytech V2 Mini Remote (via Streetwing)

Time, and a little effort, to assemble and grip tape (by me)

First off I want to say that these TB DDs are incredible. I’m used to a dual 6374 Belt Drive on TB 218mm trucks with 107 SuperFlys. They are even wider than these by about 15mm and this is really noticeable when riding. The compound of the RBW is superb and the grip is amazing. This board carves for fun and I never felt like was even close to losing grip on the road surface.

I still need to tweak the settings a bit to improve the brakes, and have done so with advice from @McErono yesterday. Will confirm these new settings are better soon hopefully (I had the low speed brake settings too low, and hence it wouldn’t stop all that great once I’d slowed down to 5mph or so). Regular braking was good.

I haven’t dared to go full throttle yet. My other board topped out at 29mph (15/40t pulleys) but this definitely feels like it will go faster than that.

Coasting is almost friction free as you’d expect from DD motors, so I also expect a significant range improvement with similar riding style/paramters. Will test this on my favourite coastal ride where I know what I can get from the other board which also has an identical 10s5p battery pack.

Here are some more pictures of the build / assembly process :

I realsie I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as others do, or that I usually do, but here’s the rest of them :slight_smile:

if only I could power it with this :

The finished project :

One the test run alleyway


Hope you like this build. I’m very pleased with how it turned out :+1:


Cracking build there. If only there was a way to get a green enclosure…


:grin: Yeah still need to get back to you on that one! Will make decision on the RAL this week and send over. I don’t actually mind the black, but think full green might be cool… ? I’m open to suggestions / opinions :+1:

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very nice build!

how are the DDs working out for you?

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been meaning to ask this whole time, what’s with the aphex twin logo? are you just a fan? or…are you richard james?


I’m just a fan of electronica. I used to have a yellow VW Beetle 25 years ago that I made dustbin lid sized Aphex logos for the doors and rear window, along with other graphics. Then later all my ramp skate and snowboards would have the same logo. Seemed fitting that I festoon my esk8 builds with it. I’m not a troubled musical genius.

@davdBanner thanks, turned out nice again ! Only got 5 miles or so of testing under my belt but… OMG what a board. Feels so solid and grippy. TB have made something special with these DDs. Can’t wait to get back out there, but today has been a day playing in a BMW i8 Roadster (kindly given to me as a courtesy car whilst mine was in for a service!). Priorities :joy::joy::joy:


@Toughook I’d be riding the i8 too :smile:

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Lol what insurance company ? Admiral tried to give me a Ford ka a few years back

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It was the local BMW showroom/dealership. They must like me !

What a machine !!!


ha, i8 as a courtesy car…nice.

I know ! Best thing is they didn’t want back until this morning so I put about 100 miles on it round the country lanes last night. Top down, tunes on, being a total hooligan :slight_smile:


^^ bear in mind I was riding into a constant 40mph headwind on the second video ^^

and proof that I’m no snob, I took my chinese hub motor build out as well to use when the TB build had run out of battery and it was an absolute blast. I was thrashing it on this video but it was great fun all the same :slight_smile: The 30Q battery pack has transformed it. Haven’t added the Focboxes yet. Gonna see how much abuse the standard ESC can take before blowing…

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Nice build!
Good that the Unity works out for you now. :stuck_out_tongue: How is low end torque of the 90kv drives compared to your 6374 belt board?

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thanks! I’m still on fairly conservative settings with the DDs at the moment, just making sure that nothing blows etc, but early signs are that there is a little less torque than my dual 6374 10s belt board. That said, I haven’t been able to go top speed with it as I was getting scared !! These things seem to just keep going, getting faster and I hadn’t dialed my trucks in for speed on Sunday. The Unity was behaving itself as well on both builds (belt and hub) since the latest update.


This is my dream build right here!
Looks like theres space for a bigger battery :smiling_imp:

What was the total build cost?

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Great build, how did you find the torque on these? What mph were you able to achieve on them so far?