Grandpa Gets A New Hip - Dual FocBox SK3 192kv / 10S4P 40T / 6" Pneumies

This was my first DIY build, which I originally completed in 2018. I recently got back into the hobby, fixed my board and promised to post a build thread about it. So I am porting over my original thread from builders. Probably be long-winded and not worth the read. Enjoy!

EDIT : When I originally typed I was “porting” this thread over I figured I’d just copy/paste. Instead I retyped everything and tried to organize the steps in the comments to one post. Solid use of the first hour of my work day lol

Remote Mini 2.4gz - Currently awaiting parts delivery to mod into Avio mod, hooked up as-is until then. Original Build utilized a Firefly, which I broke somehow one day while pulling off a super gnarly helmet grind on some yards of curb far from the house with no cell phone lol

Battery - 10S4P 40T Battery Custom Built by @Skyart Original Build utilized 10S5P made by bimmer, rode it for 2 years and over-discharged while storing

Speed Controllers FocBox x2 in Dual Finned Housing by @3DServisas running Ack 3.102 Original Build had intended to be swapped to dual ESCape, but when the parts arrived ended up making a separate build

Trucks - Torqueboard 218mm

Wheels - 6" Pneumatic Tires using hubs by @Janux-esk8 Original Build was intended for swapping between 6" and 107mm Superflys, but those wheels/pulleys have since been moved to a separate build indefinitely

Enclosure - Altar Wedge by @Psychotiller

Mounts/Pulleys - Dual Idler Motor Mount x2 + Cover by @Janux-esk8 14T/60T 16mm

Deck - Rayne Vendetta 39"

This build was done with a ton of help from other builders, I did a lot of reading and then a lot of asking questions. Suffice to say without the help of a bunch of community members I would never had got into this DIY successfully. So here we go, the process with whatever pics I could salvage

First I put together the wheels,

Then I powered the VESCS, updated the firmware, and selected some basic settings. Then I assembled the drivetrain and slapped it all on the board for fit adjustment.

Lol what a fucking idiot, look @ 2018 me putting the wheels on backwards hahaha

So I stood on that backwards-tread having ninny muggins, and holy wheel-bite Batman, not gonna work. Switched the trucks to top-mount. Still no bueno.

I had some time while procrastinating fixing the wheelbite issue, at the time I was bouncing between switching to TKP trucks, enormous risers, or modifying the deck. The procrastination was worth it though, I spent the time adapting an artwork I found online for laser cutting and adding a background for more coverage. Fun stuff

Alright back to work ya lazy bum. Lets fix that wheelbite and get back to drop-through heights. I used a router to shave the corners off my deck then sanded all the rough edges

Liiiike a glove!

You can’t see it but I added some truck backing plates by Riptide to the underside. Meanwhile, but not really meanwhile since I’m one guy and can’t do two tho things simultaneously, I laser cut the grip. I transferred the grip to my deck (upside down but I didn’t care back in 2018 either, shit’s righteous) Here it is almost finished applying

Connectors and motor keys had come in , so I installed the keys and soldered 5.5mm bullets on the FocBoxes Lmao man 2018 me was fighting an uphill battle. Check out that crappy butane soldering I was working with at a time. Shit is that a Backfire too? Actually though, if you are doing the bullet connector thign the torch works great. Using a trick I picked up from I want to say Brian, You basically just heat a puddle of solder into the connector and shove the old smaller connector right in.

Electronics programming o’clock. Got it all hooked up, don’t remember putting that bluetooth module in but hey it still works to this day 2 years later. Ran my motor detections, set my throttle curve, yadda yadda

Now lets mold this enclosure a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the fit was, but it needed some love to feel at home. Made a wooden “battery”, whipped out the heat gun and the clamps, and burnt the shit out of my hand

Fit the enclosure to the deck, drilled small holes (not all the way through) to match enclosure screw placement to screw inserts in the deck, then re-drilled the right size in the deck and added the inserts. Time to secure the enclosure for the first time

Added a cutout for the dual finned housing to feel some air. Gotta utilize that heat sink baby

Got everything assembled, quick test ride blew my socks off (it was my first time on a non-prebuilt board. Re-reading this old build thread I can literally still feel the excitement). Later on I drilled some holes in the bottom of the dual housing, added matching screw inserts in the deck, and bolted the housing to the board. I also added neoprene rubber all around the inside of the enclosure perimeter.

Apparently I also re-did the wiring to sit inside some braided cable sleeves. Go me, but bad me for not documenting the process.

Dude wtf there are Bones Ceramics in these wheels? Who am I? ohhh yeah that’s when I picked up a second job to finance this board hahaha. Thank god I work only 1 job now.

I rode this board just like this for 2 years ya’ll. Broke some stuff, a part would fail here and there, but I always was able to fix it, thanks to the HUGE WEALTH OF INFO AND SUPPORT FROM THIS COMMUNITY. But then I killed the battery, and just kept riding my cruiser build. Got back into this community on this new website two weeks ago, read up on a whole bunch of drama, saw some cool new stuff, saw a lot of familiar names and a slew of new ones. About a week in I was posting around looking for a battery and was directed to @Skyart, whom I now think is a dude I used to talk to on Discord a couple years ago, didn’t we both modify some backfires or something? Anyway a week later and the fastest battery builder in the west got a new pack in my hands.

That was yesterday, modified the enclosure for the new loopkey, fixed some stuff up, re-programmed the VESCs, bound a new mini and set throttle curve, all that fun stuff.

I took some pictures of that too, but they’re not in my Dropbox folder yet, so later on will add.


Awesome thread dude!

This was my exact experience too. I really need to make a build thread for my build haha :sweat_smile:


Dude you should! I just checked out some of your picture responses and looks like you geared up to make a killer ride!

How’s that Davega thing working? I’ve seen it here and there but never powered on and showing what it does lol

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DavegaX is awesome! I love the active ride data, and its a great combo to compliment Metr logging. If it weren’t for my Davega, I wouldn’t know that my fall last weekend was at 30mph! :joy:


Fantastic! love this. My experience was the same, my first build blew my socks off compared to the meepo i was rocking before lol

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Excellent work, especially with the fitting of the enclosure :+1:

Thanks for sharing :beer:


Thanks man!

I’ve since bought welding gloves for doing stuff like this at @mmaner’s suggestion. No more burnt fingers and you have more control during the process.