GoPro mount lights for HyperTrucks

Hell Guys:
I wanted to add front lights with GoPro mounts to my HyperTrucks, I don’t want to spend US$ 500 in lights from Lacroix so I wonder what options are outthere.

I’d like to have led lights powered by the board battery with GoPro mounts and the option to turn on/off the lights using a button from my Hoyt Puck remote.

Would you guys help me finding the correct part for this?

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not possible for this part, other things are doable

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I’m working on a solution for this, just need some loaner Hypers from Karam to get the measurements

As for the control, that’s not gonna happen, but you can use the LLT discharge port and app to turn on and off


It might be better then to just use a button on the board to turn lights on/off.

I guess I need a voltage regulator in order to keep steady voltage supply to the lights?

Any led lights with wiring and no battery outthere?

If you’re feeling particularly redneck you can just drill and tap a 1/4-20 thread into the hanger and buy a universal GoPro adapter, I can’t say it’ll be pretty but I’ll bet it works just fine


How are you
I made this guy if you are interested

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The track has a gopro mount already installed from Lacroix so there 's no need to drill a thread in the track itself, I’m planning to just buy a led light with gopro mount compatibility. Unfortunately, I still don’t find wired lights with no batteries

That looks great. But the HypereTrucks have already a gopro mount installed

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I think I found the one I’ve been looking for:

Here is a similar option than the Lacroix one 2100 lumens:

Here is a bigger option with 3000 lumens:


These use a GoPro mount, they’re what I run for night riding!

Soon :smiley:

But shipping probably not going to be as worth it for you

I’ll ship it to my freight forwarder in Miami, they won’t ship it to Lima unfortunately

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