Gonna need help with esc numbers

I’m about to get my batteries on Tuesday. No clue what numbers to input on my flipsky dual6.6
Pack: 12s6p 30q
Motors: flipsky 190kv 2450w 6354
Motor pulley: 15t
Wheel pulley: 44t
Wheels: 7"innova on superstars
Anyone able to crunch some numbers for me. I’m lost here. Battery amps, motor amps, etc…
Please and thank you greatly

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For a pack like that i would usually run 60A Batt per esc, -10A batt per esc, 80A motor per esc, -40a motor per esc.


Make sure you dont set your breaks too high


I’ve got a week to figure out the numbers but I will only have a day to test drive those numbers

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Bruh that was -60a brakes…

-40a is perfect

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And this is why I want crunched numbers that fits my setup :slight_smile: I want every single number I will have to enter manually (on ack)