Going into a 9/10in tire. Need a bit of help

Hey all. Would love some help before i make a purchase on the trampa website. Its a bit confusing as there is so much to look at and figured i could use some guidance!.

Im currently on vertigo trucks with superstar hubs using 8in tires (alpha primo lite). Love em but i want more clearance on my gear drives as well as the experience going into possibly a 10inch tire. Does anyone have experience going into a Megastar deepdish to fit all 9-10inch tires trampa offers?. Im worried about if id be able to fit everything on the vertigo axle. I know trampa sells megastar 9 offset and megastar 9 deepdish and it seems the deepdish definitely fits all 9 in tires along with all 10in. Not sure about the offset Megastar 9s though. Can anyone share the difference or their experiences with these setups and tell me whats best?. I really want to have the option to go into 9 and 10 in tires but unsure of the offset or deepdish. Cheers!

Why don’t you just ask @Trampa? They would be the best source of info. I can’t answer your question but you might want to know that from my experience there is a huge step up from 9” to 10”. You will lose a lot of acceleration (and might even get ESC cutouts) if you go to that size. Additionally, the board is really a lot bigger to move around, put in your car, or even to carry a spare tire. 10” were of course crazy comfortable on the road but I ended up going back to 9” for practicality.


I have experience with these wheels on 4 builds. The Megastar 9 deep dish are by far the best , had them set-up with 9-inch mug pluggers. The centre hub widths are all the same, just that the deep dish extends wider and gives you that extra 1 inch width either side makes for some serious width which works wonders for stability. The Mud Plugger tyres are in my opinion the best wheel. They are wide with a flatter contact patch. Very durable rubber road or all terrain, they just eat u anything and are also safer as they just crawl over holes and bumps and cracks where other wheel can slide or get stuck. The offset good as they are still wider, but the deep dish are so sweet. I’ve more on order. Love em. As for the BB star spoke you can get, I would say unless you just have money to burn, they look good but at the end of the day, not really needed. The 5-star spokes are very nice, colour options are awesome. I have some red anodised megastar nines coming and i’m going to stretch some primo strikers onto them until they wear out then get some mug pluggers. I also have the Golfa tyres. These look nice but they are round on the contact patch, so I still think you cannot beat the grip and overall ride of the mud pluggers. **I’ll qualify I am a rider 125+ kg’s so my experience is defined by that. No doubt a lot of lighter riders would not relate to what I am saying here, but reality is as weight goes up set up differences become very noticeable and less subjective.
Wheel size, I have had 10-inch wheels and they are great, but its all about your gearing, if your going 5:1 or better with a low KV motor should be fine , you’re going to gain top end, which is not useful for off-road, but that’s the trade off, loss of torque. But your Monster 10-inch wheel would dominate the terrain better than anything else in the class. SO, I would say go for it and tell us how it is, tell us your gearing, motor KV, battery type. how did affect your acceleration etc. Body weight is such a big factor for e-skate as well, general anyone under 100kg;s can pretty do whatever the hell they want and still get wicked performance from the set-ups we use these days.


Thanks so much!. Helps alot!.

Im pushing 140 Ibs!
I have the maxi etoxx gear drives that is 5:1 i believe and the motors are 8050 170kvs. The board is torque crazy for sure and i love etoxx geardrives more than anything ive tried. Something about the sound and experience. Im gonna be buying the etoxx 80m to 60m motor conversion kit and maybe jump into a lower kv 60mm motor at some point!. Do you have any experience with 80mm 150Kv against a 150kv on the 60mm motors?. Not sure if one would be better going into a 9/10in tire but still trying to experiment with that myself. I would assume the 80mm would be a bit heavier but in the lower KV range compared to a 60mm motor, it would be able to supply more potential torque right?. Im building a new battery as we speak and its gonna be a 12s4p 40T setup with my original dual trampa vesc (the older ones).

Thx for your input with the deep dish and mudpluggers!. Im just worried about space issues with the extra width on my vertigo trucks with the bigger hubs. Did you have to get smaller spacers or move your geardrives in to get a proper fit?. Il be sure to update you once i purchase everything and get it going!

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So that pic is Deep dish megastar 9’s with 9 inch mud pluggers with 8095 motors 160KV running 5:1 Etox gears. This ride was so smooth and free rolled like nothing else I have ever had. Zero resistance in the gears when off the power. Quite and just insane

. At your weight it would be frightening. It could have easily taken the 10 inch no problem. Hubs spacing are all the same as I said the deep dish only widens to the outside, the inside of the hub is essentially flat so space is not an issue. Spacers are all the same for all the trampa hubs. So if your board can fit tramp wheels the deep dish go on fine. They are truly kickass.

Sadly this board was stolen out of my hotel room a few months back. Still hurts my soul to this day. But I just ordered a new one similar but all tramp gears etc. to replace it. Coming in a few days. Deep dish 9’s with Golfa’ and the red deep dish megastar 9’s are going on my black and red long board build.


Dude both those boards are hella beautiful and damn… that sucks about your board getting stolen!. I cant believe it!. Sorry to hear about that!. I understand what your saying now about the spacing and it makes more sense so thanks. Im gonna go mudpluggers first and experiment with the 9s first. Then maybe 10s down the road!. Im gonna get the deepdish now instead so thanks for sharing your experiences. I just need tubes, mudpluggers, and deep-dish rims right. Cheers!

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@Jley I’m very interested that you think the Mud Pluggers are very durable on asphalt. I just got a set for a mountainboard build and was figuring they would probably get chewed up on tarmac. On my road board I run Primo Strikers and they seem to be very durable.

I was surprised, did a lot of km’s and they held up very well. I don’t have any scientific analysis on it, but I was riding along a lot of roads and even a few highways in texas in 100 degrees weather, doing 30 mile skates daily and while they did wear down a bit, they performed brilliantly. I have the Primo strykers as well, not for any particular reason but after the mud pluggers i would not go back, strykers are very round so the contact patch is less than the pluggars . The chunky treads on the pluggars just bite into everything so well, and cornering hard where i’ll slide on the strykers the pluggars wont move at all. I never have the PSI greater than 45. Usually im about 35-45 depending on terrain, I see guys going 50 and over and I really think that high a pressure will wear down the tyres faster and give shitty ride.


Wonderful back and forth knowledge and feedback here. I’m also in Texas and also take the highways shoulder often to commute 20 miles a day. Not the best highway shoulders in Austin Texas but I’m trying to find the best tire and hubs for my Lacroix. Currently just have the stock 8" kendas on mbs rockstar pro 2 plastic nylon hubs but seems to be play/vibration/slight rattles so hoping aluminum hubs will give tighter fitted bearings?

Best bang for buck tires and hubs for my predicament?

Anything over 8" would be too inconvenient for mobility for me but maybe chatty 200x75 or 200x65 if out there? Mud pluggers seem a bit much for me but if they absorb shitty roads best than maybe it would work.

Any Austinites here? We have group rides on Wednesdays at Electric Surf Co, where I work part time, consisting of 30-100+ riders and always up for adding more Eboard guys to the ride!

Bro my heart aches for you. I have apple airbags hidden in my electric devices just in case. Try it out bro! Peace of mind is tremendous!

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Apart from one city board with 6.5" tires, all my boards are 9" or 10". I have plenty of 8" tires but I find they never make any sense for me. Off-road I need the bigger tires to get over rocks and roots. I have one off-road board with 9" and the other has 10". My road boards all have 9" tires as I find the ride is just so much comfier and safer when dealing with crappy roads with potholes, etc.

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