Go kart track event August 17th Brighton UK

This is not my event, just promoting it here for SR

Go Kart Track Event - August 17th | Slick Revolution

Just 6 miles north of Brighton.

Food and drink available on site.

All eboards are welcome, no helmet, no ride .

£10 a head to ride and we will have a wrist banding system.

Esk8 meet up at an 800 metre newly resurfaced outdoor go kart track!


was thinking it was worth some travel until I saw its outdoor

What’s wrong with outdoor?

You already anticipating dreadful British weather?

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RAIN lol

I’m from Scotland we make no assumptions on weather other than it will be not what you want

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That’s because it rains up there 80% of the time. I bet you’re 4ft deep in rain water right now

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sunny here and raining in London for once :slight_smile:

Can confirm

Presumably no go karts or will it be interesting? Are you going to race, spectate or tootle Brent?

Bikini + chequered flag