Glue sticks issue.

What glue sticks are you guys are using? I’m using AdTech glue sticks. It doesn’t work when I put my 21700 cells together.

I need to buy it today at the local store.

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The gorrilla glue hot glue is pretty strong at high temps

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The 1/2 by 8 black sticks on Amazon, they have much better adhesion and are more flexible, also low melting temp so they stay liquid for longer… definitely not using it because I’m just a goth kid at heart


I was about to say the black sticks on amazon. I use the detail size though, 7mm. In a pinch the gorilla glue sticks from somewhere like a craft store will do it though.

Just be aware that the gummier the glue the harder it is to fix mistakes. The black sticks are a harder glue so once its cooled if you glued the cell backwards or misaligned for example you can snap it off and re-glue it. The gummier glues like the clear ones are more difficult to remove.

I use an older surebonder detail gun from amazon also.


Thanks guys. I was literally stressing because adtech dont stick at all. I will buy the gorilla glue and surebonder for backup right now.

See how adtech doesnt glue correctly. Lol they all peel off.

Anyways, i brought surebonder and gorilla glue sticks. Thanks again.

Make sure your gluegun is properly hot before squirting. Else it ends up like your picture.
I usually have bigger troubles ripping it off then on :thinking:

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That looks exactly like what the generic craft store or superstore hot glue sticks will do. Great if you want the glue to be easily removable but not so great if you want any real strength on non porous materials. They’re extremely strong when using it on stuff like cardboard though.

I’ve gotten away with using it in my build but it is for holding down wires that may need to be moved in the future, and then to seal up a gap between my battery enclosure and deck. It struggles to even just hold the extra length of wire to the enclosure and comes off anytime I remove the enclosure

I think someone should make a new topic about glue I’m serious too. I did not know that they are all different. We should have pictures and links where to buy it at. This is a safe issue when you are riding around. Imagine your cells falling apart from

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But sir glue sticks can cause issues with remote reception :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


As someone who uses a dollar store gluegun and dollar store glue sticks, I think we need a wiki about this…

Clear sticks wont stick well. Opaque or milky yellowish sticks worked best for me.
Maybe it’s just pure coincidence but,just from my experience, the opaqueness of the glue stick correlates to its quality.

funny how only one brand has issue with hotglue and water


These are the sticks I use. I’ve been re-ordering these on amazon for years. Its the only stick I use in boards. It hardens almost like plastic when cooled and will adhere well to the heat shrink on cells and to fiberglass and plastic provided it’s clean.

and this is the gun I’ve been using most recently with it.

I also have a much older surebonder gun that still works too. I occasionally go back and forth with the new gun and old gun depending on what’s happening.

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Here is the problem. Gorilla Glue Sticks is clear too. Guess what… It’s way stronger. Now my pvc film is ripping in pieces. Lol I think the color dosen’t matter. We seriously need to find the best glue sticks for esk8.

So far, Surebonder and Gorilla Glue Sticks is very good.

Avoid AdTech period. I literally had to redo my battery. It suck!


Colour matters a lot

I use the black Trend Box too, and I have the Ryobi portable glue gun, it take so much power though

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If we’re using 3d printed Arduino spot welders and stuff should we figure out a DIY glue gun? /S

If you’re feeling frisky you can mix it up

My usual black sticks from Amazon showed up and now I can stop using the gorilla glue sticks I got at Michael’s to hold me over.

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Man… i love the gorilla glue sticks. The glue is strong as heck. Im seriously ripping my pvc film now. Lol it is not stringy either.