Global Shipping Batteries / Full Boards / Urgent

Hi , (Admin, Please move to correction sub-section as I couldn’t find one)

I’ve just been informed that a purchase made here, but thru Ebay, has now been restricted through the Global Shipping program. see screencap


Does anyone know of an actual workaround ?

I have used UPS to ship a full board with battery in January from UK to Switzerland by following their protocol here pack_ship_batteries.pdf (5.5 MB)

In this instance, I’m not 100% sure of carrier, but will update once discovered but even looking at other manufacturer sites, air shipping can be used thru the cargo / freight only system . . .

Any assistance , especially from a Vendor, would be extremely helpful





From where to where? You will just have to call them up I guess.

Did you have to deal with taxes at all? I am curious since I travel with a board to/from Uk a lot but never shipped it beforehand.

Item concerned is being shipped from US to UK. It is currently being prevent from leaving the States.

Lithium Batteries are permitted within boards if labelled and packaged.

Are there any Vendors @longhairedboy @ducktaperules @bigben @lee_wright here that can pass on a workaround ? Courier in question are PitneyBowes organised thru Ebay.

Ebay can’t help, Paypal can’t help, I have mailed the Courier (just discovered they are PitneyBowes and I’m hopeful the Seller will


Shipping batteries across the pond is a no no mate.


There are always exceptions though surely ?
If (for example) I ordered a Lacroix, it would be shipped from Canada to the UK with a battery inside.

I now know that Bioboards use LHB to build their battery packs thereby saving probable bureaucratic red tape , but the majority of pre-builts, are shipped (extra for air freight) from China.

If it’s clearly labelled and freight sent via Cargo Plane this is not illegal

Can you double check with anyone you know who may have had success or even failed miserably (Via pm if ya like) ? As i had no probs from UK to La Suisse back in January with UPS

Good Luck btw with Apex - I only ride Urethane


Not really. From the US to anywhere else it is pretty trivial. Getting them out from overseas to the US can be trickier, they’re often much stricter and require hazardous goods level packing and labelling, but it is entirely possible.

@Snowhiter Try to get them to use UPS or FedEx, and if necessary have the carrier recommend a packing agent. It’s going to get expensive, but you’ll get your board.

I’m trying to get one of my 2017 builds out of australia right now. They are not being easy on me. I sent the label and customs docs over and had the person with the board pack it, but it wasn’t packed correctly according to customs in Australia, so now I’m having to get one of thier reccommended packing agents to pack it. No idea how much this is going to be yet, but i already paid for one label and paid the guy who ended up with the board for his trouble to return it to me.


Thanks for that @longhairedboy and yep, I found UPS to be ok with shipping a full build once before.

This has now been raised this for urgent review with Ebays Global Shipping Team.

@WAVMOB Hang fire there . . . .


I.e. someone with a hazardous goods licence that is certified to professionally pack your stuff to current regulations. That applies anywhere, sending a battery yourself is a different story.


i personally had no idea this existed as a service. Who does this?

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I don’t keep a list of them. They’re everywhere. contact your carrier if you need one.

Its pricey though. For instance we got a quote to ship a 1000Wh battery to the US and it was around £280 for the packing service.


The ebay GSP is a bit of a nightmare because of these folks. Are they even willing to send it through another carrier? It’s a bit late for this now but if you’re shipping or buying anything especially valuable or difficult to transport it’s best to avoid/ask the seller to avoid the GSP

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Jesus :dizzy_face:

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This is what happened to my purchase using Ebays Global Shipping Program . . .

1 x 4WD Evo LHB Bespoke Build destroyed (but probably passed onto a friend of the Customs Team)

Total Bastards

They state that the Seller and myself have both been refunded. This is not the case. I am down almost £100 in a “supposed” currency transaction.


I fear the man with the willpower to destroy a 4wd lhb build.

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Hey everyone, Looks like the items seized by the Pitney Bows under the Ebay Global Shipping program gets sold wholesale to other Ebay sellers. I am happy they are not throwing this awesome creation in the garbage, that eBay whole-seller used the same photos and title I used:

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Since 2016, 8TEN Industries has been a leading asset recovery provider supporting national retailers, brands, and manufacturers. Our 60,000 square foot processing and distribution facility located in Cass City, Michigan has allowed us to become industry leader in turning difficult problems for manufacturers into great deals for our customers.

LMAO. Fucking thieves

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I saw that shit. I think Pitney Bows sell those “restricted” items to them instead of shipping it to Europe or where ever else.

Slick thievery.

I am moving on guys.

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This is very good info.

Ebay sent an email to me attempting to explain how and why this happened.

I intended to reply but as yet, haven’t.

I fuckin’ will now. They better strap themselves in for the onslaught that will be heading their way tonight . . .