Ghetto DIY - Function over Form

So quick story: originally got into esk8 building 5 years ago back in highschool, built my own battery, custom enclosure, the works. Flash forward: board falls into disrepair and I no longer have the discretionary funds to keep up so I let it go by the way side. Recently got a job that lets me afford rent AND build ridiculous death mobiles that scare not only my friends but myself as well.

So the build:
-6355 190kV TB motor sensored
-TB V7 motor mount and drive train
-180mm caliber II trucks
-flispky 4.2 mini fsesc
-custom anti-spark switch
-custom 10s2p 8.4Ah battery from @JoeyZ5
-flispky VX1 remote
-old ABS enclosure from I have no clue
-longboard deck stolen from a friend

Initial setup:

So this whole process was a pain in the ass because I am very much a jump with both feet before looking kind of person (perhaps I should take my meds before making very expensive purchases), especially because of fitment issues regarding the single motor mechanical kit from TB.

Word to the wise: TB will allow you to configure a kit with the V7 mount and 180mm trucks, despite the fact that they are not compatible and you have to find the individual part page to discover this. Don’t be me GET 218mm TRUCKS.

So basically, because I’m stubborn and refuse to give any more money to TB, I broke out my rotary tool and carved 1/2in into the trucks to provide barely enough room for the drive train and mount. This is not ideal and I know it’s not ideal, like I said it works and that’s all I care about for now.

Had to rollback the firmware on the flipsky VESC because it does not play nice with the 5.2 firmware and I will not try my hand at FOC on version 4 hardware. (I actually blewup my first maytech DRV doing that). Running it at 40 and -25 motor Amps as well as 45 and -30 battery Amps (molicell p42A battery pack) set the peak to 60A I think.

The good stuff:

Anywhere from 13-16 miles of range depending on the terrain and I hit 24mph before getting scared and slowing down.

The bad stuff:

The pulleys are misaligned by about 1/8in and so the belt rides the edge of the wheel a little bit, no doubt increasing friction and decreasing efficiency but oh well, I’ll solve that tomorrow.

The T-Nuts I used were made from brass and snapped halfway into screwing them into the deck but it’s enough thread to hold the enclosure in place.

The motor has very little clearance from the tail of the board and sometimes bites the wood, but uhhhh again that’s tomorrow’s problem.

And I forgot to add threadlocker to the motor screws so 3 miles into a ride the motor damn near jumped off.

I will add pictures as I take them, sooner rather than later.



Nice to see my pack in action!

Did you set the ABS Current limit to 60A?

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They ABS is set to 120, I wasn’t quite sure what I had set each value to and was just working off memory. Thought I had set the battery max to 60.

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Thank God for your built in fuse on the charge port, my shitty $20 charger must’ve dumped a shit ton of Amps through it. Heard a pop and checked, the fuse did it’s job but now I need to go buy a fuse.


ABS current limit should not be touched

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Yeah I was making sure he didn’t set it to 60A.


I used a 15A fuse from Digikey:

Maybe the polarity was wrong on the cheap charger or something.

Thank you much, yeah it’s an old charger back from the hoverboard days. Will have to find a more reliable one.

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No worries, I understand how my wording would make that confusing. I didn’t touch it and have no interest in being bucked from my board.

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You mean the explodey fire hoverboard days?


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I have 15A in stock if you need another one.

I bought a dual @Boardnamics m1 helical drive about a year ago and after some financial hardships and two popped FESCs I was able to get it running. HOLy Fucking shit this thing is a rocket and I am totally stoked to be able to participate in this community again.


The updated specs are:

  • 2 6355 190kv TB motors
  • 1 Dual 4.2 Plus FESC
  • Boardnamics Gear drives

If anyone is considering moving away from belt drives, gear drives are the way to go! No worrying about chains breaking and these just sound immaculate, can’t tell you how many people whip their heads around when they hear it (they’re nice and compact too!)