Getting sick of Hyperrims

Ahoi mateys!
I am getting increasingly sick of the placement of the valves on the Hyperrims which I fitted to my Nazaré.
I like the looks and width but pumping up the tires is a nightmare.
It’s ok to do on the front since the rear piece is quite open but on the back the wheel pulley is in the way.
I have to loosen the belt and remove the whole wheel to pump up the tires.
I was thinking of getting different rims with better valve placement but I do not like the deep dish and offset e-toxx ones and landsurf ones I like are out of stock.
Or is there a valve longer make thingy I can screw on the valves which won’t let all the air out when screwing them on and off?

What other rim options are there?


Something like this might work.

Mellbree 2pcs Valve Stem Extenders, 8.25 Inch Flexible Schrader Tire Valve Stem Extension Compatible for Harleys, RV, Stroller, Bicycles, Motorcycles and Portable Air Compressor


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I’m not sure if it would solve your problem, but have you seen the Boardnamics GT3 rims?

Or maybe the Newbee rims?


I don’t like the newbee ones but the GT3 are quite nice.
I’ve now ordered some flexible valve extenders, let’s see how and if they work.

Would the small offset of the e-toxx hubs or similar be noticeable?

What sort of pump are you using?

Have you used one that physically screws onto the valve?

Best kind for esk8 :smiley:

I tried various things, I have a very good standing pump but that one has this head with the lever and I have a small hand held compressor, that has screw on tubes, unfortunately there’s no valve at both ends and there’s no way I can screw on the tube and then the compressor.

Hmm… having a hard time imagining without a picture. But

This guy is a dual stage, so you lose no air when unscrewing from the tire valve.

It takes me about 30-60seconds per 8x2 tire to fill to 35 psi (I think that’s what I always used? Been a little bit)

That’s definitely slightly more time than other options, but it’s not like we find ourselves filling our tubes all the time so I think it’s very reasonable.

If something like this wouldn’t help the issues you’re having, I think your best option as others have mentioned are valve extenders, & then different rims all together.

This is smaller & more compact than the skinny tall soda cans white claw & shit comes in now. Honestly 25% the size aside from the pressure gauge.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.