Getting paid to esk8

Whatup everyone. So I recently found out my company is organizing a bike ride to our employee appreciation bbq(super awesome all day event). It’s about a 10.5 mile ride(so 21 miles total there and back) . They just gave me the green light to take my esk8 on the ride!!!

I never thought I would be getting paid to esk8. It should be a beautiful ride too, and I’m beyond excited. I just wanted to share the story with a group of people I know who would be as stoked as me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else have any stories of their work letting them use their esk8 on the clock?

Edit: I also live 3 miles from work. So I ride in to work, ride home for lunch ect…


I work for an electrical utility company, since it’s an office job we are encouraged to get out of the office and talk a walk every couple of hours, I just go ride! Also we have monthly safety meetings about 5 miles from the office, I usually take my board lol.


I ride my skate between buildings on the clock. My other location is about 2 miles away. Not a long ride but it really lifts the spirits breaking away from the cube now and again. Especially while on the clock :beer:


I work for a medical startup company that is focusing on more affordable and accurate infectious disease detection. While working on my MRSA colonization test, I wanted to get real world nasal samples to test so I skated around from house to house asking my neighbors to swab their noses for science. It’s a great feeling but no where near as cool as you getting to actually ride at work.


During my lunch breaks, I go ride around looking for a place to eat. I always get a little moist when I find a taco truck


My company: would you like to do some litter picking to help the community.

Me : ummmmmm…

My company: you can do it in work time. it’s sunny outside and that’s better than being at your desk inside.

Me : can I bring my board?


Hmmm, I guess it’s paid to esk8.

We have a yearly potluck/food truck lunch in the park which is paid, work get’s out early and everyone leaves the office to go eat. I just skate over there, eat some grub, and dick about on my board for an hour then go home early.

the next one is coming up in a week or two so I’m gonna do it all again.

Aside from that just commuting but I don’t get paid for that unless I’m running late and am still skating to work when it’s after 8:00.


I’m in high school currently and in my free time I deliver for door dash and also do a paper route on my foosted


I get to work on my esk8 and then charge it on their electricity?


Same haha


Wonder if anyone has tried to claim back mileage for eskate travel :laughing:


I’m taking a class this week that’s 17 miles away from my house, company has to pay me perdium and milage because it’s not my usual place of work totals a little over $50 dollars a day just to go to this CAD class lol! Plus my pay on top.


Don’t forget that important knowledge you’re getting too. CAD is hella useful in life and work.


elizabeth holmes, is that you?


No joke, my buddy at work called that shit 2 full years before she got accused. I couldn’t believe it when it actually happened.

I have a real detector and real tests :wink:

V1 and V2


Oh a real tangible thing that actually exists? You’re doing it right.

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Me too :smiling_imp:

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The wife had a all things wheels day at her school and I brought along some boards for the teachers and kids to try. All those teachers were esk8ing on the clock. Me? No. Then yesterday I took a couple of boards to my work and got 3 of my guys to fly round the site on newly laid asphalt (it was too tempting not too) during work hours. They were being paid to ride. Me? No. I was the fucking payee. Then again you could argue that the client was actually paying all four of us to have fun for an hour but we thought it best not to mention it.


So long as weather allows, I ride to meetings if they are within the city. Eccentric, maybe… but our clients never think that we are boring. :joy:

I get paid for milage, they don’t care how I get here. By car, by bike, walking, crawling or esk8. It costs me less than 20 cents to charge my OW for the day, I get paid 1.50 for my travels.