Getting out of it.... Again Sale Custom build + Extras NYC

Subject: Custom Build + Extra’s

So I finally had one of those falls that makes you second guess what you are chasing. Had a speed wobble fall at around 30 and pretty jacked up but not as bad as it could have been.

Looking to sell this to someone who can enjoy it.


  • Hummie Deck with Big Ben Triple Stack enclosure
  • Surf Rodz 200mm front and back 45* and 50* hangers also have extra bolts spaces and another used hanger in black.
  • Janux RKP Mount hit with the pulleys also have the enclosures but 1 has a cut out due to motor shaft being to long. Decided not to use them.
  • 2x 170KV FlipSky Motors with 10mm Shafts 15T Pulleys
  • DIY Esk8 110 Wheels with Janux Press pulleys 40T Pulleys
  • Custom 12s4p 90a BMS semi flex pack.
  • FocBox Unity running fw5
  • FlipSky VX2 remote some scratches from the fall but in perfect running order.
  • 2x 4a chargers

** I Also have and will include with deck

  • Limited Edition Six Shooters with 6x2 tires Good condition will come with 60t and 44t pulleys
  • Clone or 1st gen Six shooters ? with AT Tires no tubes
  • A Ton of extra parts, bolts spacers.
  • 230kv Maytech 6374 motors
  • Hummie Split deck with double stack enclosure.

I also have a number of extra decks and parts that I can include with this.

I am in NYC and would prefer a local sale but open to shipping if buyer splits cost.

Price: $1000 Local or Will discuss split shipment within the US.

*** Decks in red are not available.


20200519_161813|666x500 !

20200718_210134|375x500 !


Sorry to hear about your fall. Just getting back into it myself after breaking my leg 3 years ago. The fear is real. Hopefully you didn’t break or tear anything.

I’ll pm about the 6374s


Ouch man, hope you heal quickly. I know you’re including the manual skate ware as extras but if you have any left over, I’m always trying to grab some for neighborhood kids to ride around. It hurts me seeing them on plastic Walmart penny boards trying to learn to skate.


If you part stuff out I’d be interested in some stuff :call_me_hand:

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I will update the thread if I decide to part. Appreciate all the kind words.

Skinned both legs ( Calf and knee ) pretty bad, Dislocated shoulder, fractured collarbone, dislocated rib and other gashes and scrapes. Could have been worse without a helmet or not knowing to tuck and roll.


Update to the right category (completes for sale) :wink:

Shittt, Didnt even realize that was a thread. Thanks!


Can I buy a charger lol

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I agree; all that does is discourage them from skating at all.


PM me we can discuss this directly, If they are going to a good place I might be able to send stuff your way if you can cover shipping cost.


Hey man, Right now I want to keep things together since I don’t want to be making multiple trips due to being a bit broken right now. But I will let you know if and when things change.


Same, still just want the 6shooters.

Is the board still for sale? I see in the first pic it looks like a screw is missing on the truck. What’s top speed and range look like?

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